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Fitzgerald, S. D. (2013) Validating the self-determination theory as a work motivation model for Clubhouse members with severe and persistent mental illness Dissertation.3591017 The University of Wisconsin - Madison
Evarts, K. (2002) Venture House and My Journey Toward Recovery. The Clubhouse Community Journal, 4, 40-41.
Cardiello, J.A. & Bell, M.D. (1988) Vocational Rehabilitation of persons with prolonged psychiatric disorders. (10), 150-162.
Shore, H. (2002) Voices of Hope Marlborough, MA: Employment Options Inc
Waegemakers Schiff, J., Coleman H., & Miner, D. (2008) Voluntary Participation in Rehabilitation: Lessons Learned from a Clubhouse environment Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, 27(1), 65-78.
Waegemakers Schiff, J., Coleman, H., & Miner, D. (2008) Voluntary participation in rehabilitation: Lessons learned from a clubhouse environment. Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, 27, 65-78
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