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We have assembled a unique archive of over 1,000 documents from the growing body of articles, presentations and research on mental illness and the Clubhouse Model.

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Gorman, J.A., McKay, C.E., Yates, B.T., & Fisher, W.H. Keeping Clubhouses Open: Toward a Roadmap for Sustainability. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 1-10 (2016).
Available: Link to article
Kirou, S. (1995) Keeping the Clubhouse Safe for All: Security Issues in the Clubhouse Presented at the 8thInternational Seminar on the Clubhouse Model, Salt Lake City, UT.
Kirou, S. (1995) Keeping the Clubhouse Safe for All: Security Issues in the Clubhouse. 1-2.
Elmelund, J., Engstrom, B.B., Hillgaard, L. & Juul, H. (1995) Kildehuset - Fountain House in Aalborg, Denmark Engstrom, Berit. 1, 3-132
Juul, H., Casse, J., Jorgensen, P., Pedersen, H., Larsen, E., Engstrom, B.B. et al. (1995) Kildehuset Papers: Growing a Clubhouse -- The Beginnings of Kildehuset Clubhouse Papers: Selected papers from the Seventh International Seminar on the Clubhouse Model, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1993, 75-83.
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