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We have assembled a unique archive of over 1,000 documents from the growing body of articles, presentations and research on mental illness and the Clubhouse Model.

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Malamud, T.J. & Associates (1985) National Clubhouse outcome evaluation study Fountain House, Inc.
Beard, J.R. (1995) Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Clubhouse Papers: Selected papers from the Seventh International Seminar on the Clubhouse Model, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1993, 86-92.
(2013) New Clubhouse Granite Pathways: One bright light in NH Mental Health Reform Concord Monitor
Available: Link to article
Wilkinson, W. (1992) New Day, Inc. of Spartanburg: Hospitalization Study Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal, 16, 163-168.
(2016) New Faculty Training at Genesis Club
Available: Link to article
Reyleen Jimenez, T. (2007) NIMBY strikes a clubhouse: A case study of how a setting facilitated an empowering experience. 1178. M.A. Michigan State University
Available: Link to article
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