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We have assembled a unique archive of over 1,000 documents from the growing body of articles, presentations and research on mental illness and the Clubhouse Model.

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(2013) Genesis Club marks 25 years of hope, support Telegram.com
Available: Link to article
Bressard, R. (1992) Going Back to School Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal, 16, 105-106
Fountain House (1999) Gold Award: The Wellspring of ICCD Clubhouses for Social and Vocational Adjustment of Persons With Serious Mental Illness Psychiatric Services, 50, 1473-1476
Harvey, R.B. (2002) Group Transitional Employment Placements: A Discussion The Clubhouse Community Journal, 4, 109-114.
Yau, Eva (2016) Growth of Clubhouse Programs in China: Successes and Challenges
Available: Link to article
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