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Our Donors

Clubhouse International relies on the generosity of hundreds of individuals, corporations and foundations to make our mission possible. The following list represents gifts received in calendar year 2021. We made every effort to ensure the following list is correct. In the event there is an error, please accept our apology and contact Jen Cardenas at


"We are very proud to be associated with this amazingly effective organization, that has enough integrity and powerful good will to actually change the world.” – Donor

"I’m continuously humbled by the generosity of people from around the world who support Clubhouse International year in and year out. We could not do what we do without them. These gifts are an investment in creating a better world for us all, but most importantly for those living with serious mental illness.” – Joel D. Corcoran, Executive Director

Gifts in Tribute

In honor of Stephen Colbert
Paul Brisson
In honor of Joel D. Corcoran
Caroline Whiddon
In honor of Thomas Duren
Sugey Palomares
In honor of Tim Florio
Brian Martin
In honor of Flutter me Shutterz
Elisabeth Carlson
In honor of Lorna Hyde Graev
Ms. Lea Cornell
Mrs. Fernanda Kellogg and
Mr. Kirk Henckels
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Krulewitch
Shari Lusskin, M.D.
Olivia van Melle Kamp
Ms. Elizabeth T. Peabody
Mrs. Robert S. Ross
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Sprague

In honor of Marissa Paredes
Anne Edmond
In honor of Alexander Ratut for Clubhouse France
Nicholas Ratut
In honor of Pretiva Sangupta for SEVAC Clubhouse
Richard Lubell
In honor of Flutter me Shutterz
In honor of Francine Stier for Infinite Horizons Clubhouse
Mark Borinsky
Lynn and Rob Borteck
Susan Gluck
Jonathan Greenberg
In honor of Robby Vorspan Lynch
Tamar Resnick

Gifts in Memoriam

In memory of Shelley Diane Finkle
Michael John Boyd
In memory of Judith R. Gartner
Rachel Gartner
In memory of Andrea Greenwall
Jason Reed Maria Reller
In memory of Bo Hayes
Susan Kyle
In memory of Mark Lanier
Teri Chadwick
Keith Kerman
Peter Sanborn
Sydney Sharples
In memory of Rebecca Lynch
Deborah Gorin
Noah Lynch
Anna Sackett Rountree
Joanne Sackett
In memory of Duncan Macdonald
Bill Rice
In memory of Judy Meibach
Ronald Meibach
In memory of Julia Scott
Joel Corcoran
Carmel Fromson
Catherine Scott
In memory of Nathan and Bette Kalichman for Donald Berman UP House
Miriam Kalichman

Donor Listing: Gifts of $5,000 to $100,000+

Gifts of $100,000+
Francis Goelet Charitable Lead Trusts
KKR (Kohlberg Kravits Roberts)
Henry P. van Ameringen*

Gifts of $50,000 - $99,999
Theodore Cross Family Charitable Foundation

Gifts of $25,000 - $49,999
Anette Hoegh Goelet & Philip Goelet
H. Lundbeck A/S
Gifts of $10,000 - $24,999
Ms. Norma J. Arnold
Ms. Beatrice Bergamasco
Gateway House Endowment
The Tom and Carolyn Hamilton
Family Foundation
Karuna Therapeutics, Inc.
Melony and Adam Lewis Advised Fund at Aspen Community Foundation
Tom and Nadine Manning
Nicholas and Kristina Ratut
Julia Scott*
The Woods Foundation
YHB Charitable Endowment
The Woods Foundation
YHB Charitable Endowment
Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999
Mrs. Myrna Chao
Mrs. Lorna Hyde Graev
Johnson and Johnson/Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Knott Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Streiff
The Stephen Colbert Americone Dream Fund

Donor Listing: Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999

Anonymous (2)
Lisa and Gary Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Barish
Shahnaz Batmanghelidj and Radford Klotz
Kenneth Brown
Charles Schwab
Joel D. Corcoran
Ms. Lea Cornell
Eric M. Dunphy
Elinor Beidler Siklossy Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Pepe Fanjul
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Felix
Fidelity Charitable
Megan and Tim Florio
Mr. and Mrs. Francesco Galesi
Jeffrey Geller and Merle Brandzel
Joan Geyer
Mark Glickman and Cynthia Fissel
Deborah Gorin
Impact Venture Capital
Debbi and John Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jasinowski
Mrs. Fernanda Kellogg and Mr. Kirk Henckels
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Krulewitch
John Lanier
Mark Lanier*
Richard and Madeleine Lenski Charitable Fund
Mrs. Evelyn Lorentzen Bell
Gregory Maziarz
Mental Health and Addiction Network
The Obernauer Foundation
Ruth E. Osterman
Whitney and Jeanne Pidot
Alex Rosenbaum
Herma Schmitz and Matt Koleos
Mr. Gerry Shear
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Sprague
Elliot and Dianne Steele
Emma Sweeney
The Taddiken Family Fund
The TJX Foundation, Inc.
Vanguard Charitable Funds

Donor Listing: Gifts of $500 to $999

Anonymous (3) Ralph Bilby
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carpenter
Mr. Robert Carraro
Teri and Ken Chadwick
Candace Corcoran
Rachel Gartner
Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Geraghty
Judith Glickman
Goelet, LLC — Pamela Manice
Mr. Geoffrey Hoguet and Mrs. Annalu Ponti
Kayak Cookies
Mrs. Catherine Kinsey
and Mr. Clinton Smullyan
Duncan Maitland
Pamela Manice
Ms. Elizabeth T. Peabody
Ellen Rockmuller and Joel Minsky
Janice S. Roddenbery
Schwab Charitable
Raymond Schwartz
Betty Shea
Mark Siegel
Emily Soell
Augusta Sterne
Theresa Stone
Tcherepnine Foundation
Erin Tedesco and Aaron Hoffman
Olivia van Melle Kamp Charitable Fund Gerry Wichman
Ambassador Frank Wisner and Judy Cormier

Donor Listing: Gifts of Up to $499

Abbvie Anonymous (11)
Anthony Acevedo
Aetos Alternatives Management Charitable Gift Fund
Agnese Amato
Tat-Lin Angus
Ashley Archer
Jeffrey Aron
Atlas Builds Construction
 AYZ Financial Services
Melissa Barker
Traci Basden
Jeanne Baughman
Summer Berman
Jessica Biddinger
Adriana Bodewig
Viviana Bonilla-Lopez
Michael Boyd
Paul Brisson
Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.
Cynthia Burciaga
Shannon Byck
John J. Calaman
Daniel Cannon
Jennifer E. Cardenas
Bridget Chalk
Gerald Champagne
Walter Cunningham
Lori D’Angelo
Rabbi Wayne Dosick and Ellen Kaufman Dosick
Anne Edmond
Sara Evans
Paula and Bruce Feher
Maggie Figueroa
Paula Fisher
Alfonse Florio
Andrew and Amy Florio
Ms. Carmel Fromson
Joan Gartner
Genesis Club, Inc.
Thomas Geniesse
Margarita Gomez
Ms. Kathy Goodfellow
Sue Grant
Kayla Gregg
Tracy Griffith
Robert B. Harvey
Ms. Sandra Henderson
Jennifer Higginbotham
Melissa Hoesel
Sarah HurstMs. Iris K. Ijima
Patrick and Christina Judge
Deborah L. Kaplan
David Keller
Lee and Jean Kellogg
Nancy Kendrick
Keith Kerman Tim Kitsos
James M. Kordich
Christina Kotseas
Mrs. Susan Kyle
Anita B. Lambaek
David M. Leahy
Beth Ledy
G. David Lehmann
Chiara Leipold
Fred A. Levine
Christine Limone
Jon Locke
Bennett Lowenthal
Shari Lusskin, M.D.
Noah Lynch
Robby and Brian Lynch
T. Matthew Manning
Michael Martignetti
Brian Martin
Lu Mauro
Mary Jo McConnell
Peter McGowan
Colleen E. McKay
Mr. William McKeever
Lisa McKiernan
Melissa McWilliams
Ronald Meibach
Anna Minsky and Taviel Guren
Alexandra Moore-Wulsin
Hermina M. Morita
Rob Munoz
Tracy Murakami
Christine Murphy
Nadine K. Nakamura
Neponset River House
Network for Good
Amy Ondr
Sarah O’Pella
Robert Orlowski
Sugey Palomares
Mary Jude Pigsley
David Plotka
Steve PowersStephanie Prezioso
Rajmohan Rajaraman
Frank Recine
Jason Reed
Maria Reller
Tamar Resnick
Bill Rice
Maria Rios
Jane Roskin
Mrs. Robert S. Ross
Anna and Kamal Rountree
Laurence P. Rubinow
Blaise Sackett
Joanne Sackett
Bernadette Sakoda
Peter Sanborn
Catherine Scott and James Resor
Gale and Larry Shapiro
Ms. Sydney Sharples
Linda Shelton
Mitchell Slone
Barbara A. Snowadzky
Margie and Michael Staker
Reva Stein
Keith Stenger
Knut Stubben
Julianna Thomas
Andy Ulrich
Jane Walbridge
Matthew Wallace
Caroline Whiddon
Shawna Whitlock
Karin L. Willis
Mary Winslow
Susan V. Woolworth
Christopher Yates
Emily Yates
Cassidy Yatsko
Dana M. Yatsko
Jack and Janece Yatsko
Rae Ellen Zekas


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