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Corporate Partners

Clubhouse International is pleased to acknowledge our Clubhouse International Corporate Partners companies that support our mission to end social and economic isolation for adults living with mental illness around the world. Visit our Donors page to view a more complete list of our donors and supporters.

Become a Clubhouse International Partner

Uniting with Companies to Change the World of Mental Health

Join us today! Your company can have a meaningful impact. We invite you to engage with Clubhouse International via one or all of these opportunities:

  • Financial and in-kind support
  • Cause-related marketing initiatives
  • Employment partnerships
  • Leadership and/or skilled professional volunteerism
  • Employee engagement opportunities, such as Workplace Giving efforts
  • Participation in Clubhouse International events and campaigns, such as Clubhouse Giving Day and World Mental Health Day
  • Local volunteer opportunities at one of over 320 Clubhouses around the world

Benefits of Becoming a Corporate Partner

  • Membership in a program with other leading companies that are dedicated to creating opportunities for hope and recovery for people living with mental illness
  • Increased corporate visibility: recognition at US national and international events, social media exposure via annual Partner Appreciation Profiles
  • Building recognition as a business that supports mental health recovery via the Clubhouse Model of psycho-social rehabilitation that is recognized by the World Health Organization as an example of a community, recovery-oriented service
  • The opportunity to help create gainful employment opportunities for people living with mental illness
  • A program to encourage and unite company staff around social causes

To start the conversation on how your corporation can become a Clubhouse International Corporate Partner, please call Teri Chadwick at 212-583-1275 or email tchadwick@clubhouse-intl.org.

Clubhouse International corporate partnerships are established in accordance with our corporate engagement guidelines.

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