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We have assembled a unique archive of over 1,000 documents from the growing body of articles, presentations and research on mental illness and the Clubhouse Model.

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Asmussen, S., Romano, J., Beatty, P., Gasarch, L., & Shaughnessy, S. (1994) Old Answers for Today's Problems: Integrating Individuals Who Are Homeless with Mental Illness into Existing Community-Based Programs: A Case Study of Fountain House Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal 18(1), 75-93
Garrett, E. (2002) One Member's Experience of Clubhouse Support through the Independent Employment Journey The Clubhouse Community Journal, 4, 107-108.
Beattie, I. (1999) One Mind at a Time Clubhouse Community Journal, 1, 25-27
(2012) Opening of A Clubhouse for Elkhart County Goshen News
Wood, M. (1995) Operation of TE in the Overall Clubhouse Setting. 1-4 Presented at the 8th International Seminar on the Clubhouse Model, Salt Lake City, UT.
Available: Link to article
Dudek, K.J. & Stein, R. (1992) Organizing for Clubhouses: The Massachusetts Success Story Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal, 16, 141-146.
Unger, K.V. & Pardee, R. (2002) Outcome measures across program sites for postsecondary supported education programs Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 25, 299-303
Beezley, D. (1999) Outside the Staff Room Door The Clubhouse Community Journal 1, 12-13
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