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There are over 350 Clubhouses in 32 countries offering hope and opportunities to people living with mental illness. If you know someone living with mental illness, Clubhouses can help!

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Magnolia Clubhouse
11101 Magnolia Drive
Cleveland, Ohio, USA 44106
Director: Lori D'Angelo
Phone: 216 721 3030
Fax: 216 721 0105
Email: lori@magnoliaclubhouse.org
Website Address: www.magnoliaclubhouse.org
Mariposa Clubhouse
1701 Mission Ave Suite 120
Oceanside, California, USA 92058
Director: Kelly Villa
Phone: 760 439 2785
Fax: 760 439 6902
Email: kvilla@mhsinc.org
Website Address: https://www.mhsinc.org/listing/mariposa-clubhouse-2/
Milestone Clubhouse
206 N. Main Street
Hutchinson, Kansas, USA 67501
Director: Katie Gibbons
Phone: 620 888 5003
Fax: 316 269 3550
Email: katie.gibbons@breakthroughwichita.org
Website Address: https://www.breakthroughwichita.org/clubhouse/
Miracle Clubhouse
243 Warren St.
Dayton, Ohio, USA 45402
Director: Kathy Trick
Phone: 937 262 7983
Fax: 937 223 2486
Email: miracleclubhouse@gesmv.org
Website Address: www.gesmv.org
Mosaic Clubhouse
65 Effra Road
Brixton, London, England SW2 1BZ
Director: Chris Thomas
Phone: 0044 020 7924 9657
Email: info@mosaic-clubhouse.org
Website Address: www.mosaic-clubhouse.org
Mosaic House
525 Franklin Street
Reading, Pennsylvania, USA 19602
Director: Diana Arias
Phone: 610 375 7840
Fax: 610 375 7845
Email: mohoclubhouse@gmail.com
Website Address: https://www.trsinc.org/services/mental-health/mosaic-house-clubhouse-berks-county
Motala Fontänhus
Källgatan 8
Motala, Sweden 59135
Director: Joakim Ragnar
Phone: +46793415610
Email: info@motalafontanhus.se
Website Address: www.motalafontanhus.se

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