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There are over 350 Clubhouses in 32 countries offering hope and opportunities to people living with mental illness. If you know someone living with mental illness, Clubhouses can help!

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Map Key: Red = Accredited Clubhouses; Green = Training Bases; Grey = Non-Accredited Clubhouses

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Gainesville Opportunity Center
1210 NW 14th Avenue
Gainesville, Florida, USA 32601
Director: Deidra Simon
Phone: 352 224 5523
Email: mail@goclubhouse.org
Website Address: www.goclubhouse.org
423 Croft Street
Greenville, South Carolina, USA 29609
Director: Randy Redlinger
Phone: 864 242 9193
Fax: 864 242 3861
Email: rredlinger@gateway-sc.org
Website Address: www.gateway-sc.org
Genesis Club, Inc.
274 Lincoln Street
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA 01605
Director: Lisa Ann Brennan
Phone: 508 831 0100
Fax: 508 425-3985.
Email: training@genesisclub.org
Website Address: www.genesisclub.org
Genesis House
1137 E. Grand River Avenue
Howell, Michigan, USA 48843
Director: Mike Leahy
Phone: 517 234 1880
Email: genesishouse10@gmail.com
Website Address: www.genesisliv.org
Glades Clubhouse
241 W. Ave A
Belle Glade, Florida, USA 33430
Director: Shelby Swiderski
Phone: 561 832 3755
Email: sswiderski@mhapalmbeaches.org
Website Address: https://mhapalmbeaches.org/
Grameen Clubhouse-Nepal
Itahari-2, Habai Chwok, Sunsari
Itahari, Nepal
Director: Mukunda Subedi
Phone: 977 25 475333
Fax: 977 25 475333
Email: grameenhouse@yahoo.com
Website Address: www.grameenhouse.org.np
Grand Avenue Club
210 East Michigan Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 53202
Director: Philip Connelly
Phone: 414 276 6474
Fax: 414 276 1606
Email: philip@grandavenueclub.org
Website Address: www.grandavenueclub.org
Greater Heights Clubhouse
980 Halsey
Brooklyn, New York, USA 11207
Director: Katrina Grant
Phone: 718 235 5780
Fax: 718-943-4255
Email: kgrant@wearebcs.org
Website Address: https://wearebcs.org/
Guadalajara Clubhouse A.C.
Santa María 3034
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Director: Adanari Mendoza
Phone: 33 20016732
Email: guadalajaraclubhouse@gmail.com
Website Address: http://guadalajaraclubhouse.org.mx

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