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Clubhouse Coalitions - Clubhouse International

Clubhouse Coalitions represent strong, regional organizations that support the Clubhouse community. Clubhouse International is a growing organization. We are currently working with 25 Clubhouse Coalitions around the world to develop more Clubhouses in their regions to deliver cost-effective and sustainable solutions for mental illness.

Clubhouse Coalitions

Clubhouse Canada

Contact: Criss Habal
Progress Place
Phone: 416 323-0223
Email: chabal@progressplace.org

Contact: Dave MacDonald
Pathways Clubhouse Society of Richmond
Email: Dave.MacDonald@pathwaysclubhouse.com

Website: http://clubhousecanada.ca

Clubhouse Coalition California

Contact: Juliana Fuerbringer, Board President
Phone: 650 342 5849
Email: julianaf@clubhousecoalitionca.org

Contact: Patricia O'Brien, Board Treasurer
Phone: 650 207 9721
Email: patob@clubhousecoalitionca.org

Website: https://www.clubhousecoalitionca.org/

Clubhouse Indiana

Contact: Mike Shorter
Carriage House
Phone: 317-779-2269
Email: mikeshorter@clubhouse-indiana.org

Contact: Mary Rogers
Carriage House
Email: maricleorarogers@gmail.com

Clubhouse Maine

Contact: Carrie Lemos
Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse
Phone: 207 404 8383
Email: clemos@pchc.com

Contact: Lisa Soucie
High Hopes Clubhouse
Phone: 207 877 0038
Email: lsoucie@kbhmaine.org

Clubhouse Michigan

Contact: Brian Suchocki
Bayside Clubhouse
Phone: 989.799.1266
Email: basuchocki@ttiinc.org

Contact: Bruce Dunton
Crossroads Clubhouse Warren
Phone: 586 759 9100
Email: bruce.dunton@mccmh.net

Website: https://www.mi-clubhouse.org/

Clubhouse Missouri

Contact: Joe Shaffer
Independence Center
Phone: (314) 880-5407
Email: jshaffer@independencecenter.org

Contact: Tracy McPherson
Independence Center
Email: tmcpher1120@gmail.com

Clubhouse Ohio

Contact: James Wineinger
Magnolia Clubhouse
Phone: 216 721 3030 x160
Email: jamesw@magnoliaclubhouse.org

Contact: Lori D'Angelo
Magnolia Clubhouse
Email: lori@magnoliaclubhouse.org

Website: http://www.clubhouseohio.org

Clubhouse Texas

Contact: Jen Cardenas
Austin Clubhouse
Phone: 512 925 5877
Email: jen@austinclubhouse.org

Clubhouse Wisconsin

Contact: Philip Connelly
Grand Avenue Club
Phone: 414-727-3362
Email: philip@grandavenueclub.org

Contact: Elissa Kinch
Yahara House
Email: sapphiresea@charter.net

Danish Coalition of Clubhouses

Contact: Erik Pedersen
Phone: 45 98 192 322
Email: epd@outlook.dk

Website: http://www.fhdk.dk

Finnish Clubhouse Coalition | Suomen Klubitalot ry

Contact: Päivi Lepistö
Phone: +358442384802
Email: paivi.lepisto@suomenklubitalot.fi

Contact: Peppi Laine
Phone: +35844 987 5631
Email: peppi.laine@suomenklubitalot.fi

Website: http://www.suomenklubitalot.fi

Florida Clubhouse Coalition

Contact: William McKeever
Academy at Glengary
Phone: 941 921 9936
Email: william@academysrq.org

Contact: Carolyn Kreuzpaintner
Kate's Place
Email: Carolyn.Kreuzpaintner@aspirehp.org

Website: https://www.academysrq.org/

Fontenehus Norge / Clubhouse Norway

Contact: Torhild Stimo
Phone: 0047 99 57 92 05
Email: torhild.stimo@fontenehus.no

Hawai`i Clubhouse Coalition

Contact: Michelle Chow
Ko'olau Clubhouse
Phone: 808-233-3778
Email: michelle.chow@doh.hawaii.gov

Irish Clubhouse Coalition

Contact: Secretariat c/o Phoenix Clubhouse
Phoenix Clubhouse
Phone: 00353 1 4670632
Email: phoenixclubhouse@eve.ie

Japanese Clubhouse Coalition

Contact: Daisuke Kato
Clubhouse Yuusen
Phone: 81 58 322 9236
Fax: 81 58 322 9236
Email: dkato@clubhouse-japan.org

Contact: Japanese Clubhouse Coalition Secretariat
Clubhouse Yuusen
Phone: 81 58 322 9236
Fax: 81 58 322 9236
Email: contact@clubhouse-japan.org

Kansas Clubhouse Coalition

Contact: Andy Houltberg
Breakthrough Clubhouse
Phone: 316-269-4160
Email: andy.houltberg@breakthroughwichita.org

Contact: Katie Gibbons
Milestone Clubhouse
Phone: 620-888-5003
Email: katie.gibbons@milestoneclubhouse.org

Website: https://www.breakthroughwichita.org/

Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition

Contact: Tom Coppinger
Phone: 781 777 5439
Email: tcoppingermcc@gmail.com

Contact: Mary Anne Solloml malaw
Point After Club
Email: malaw1115@icloud.com

New York Clubhouse Coalition

Contact: Cyrus Napolitano
Fountain House
Phone: 347 924 1519
Email: cnapolitano@fountainhouse.org

Website: https://www.nyclubhouse.org/

North Carolina Clubhouse Coalition

Contact: Elizabeth Barber
Phone: 919 682 4124
Email: e.barber@thresholdclubhouse.org

Oregon Clubhouse Coalition

Contact: Elizabeth Hazlewood
Pathfinder Clubhouse
Phone: 458 217 3040
Email: clubhouseoregon@gmail.com

Contact: Bill Waters
NorthStar Clubhouse
Email: bwaters@northstaror.org

Pennsylvania Clubhouse Coalition

Contact: Sarah Hurst
Tempo Clubhouse
Phone: (717) 392-2300
Email: hursts@csgonline.org

Contact: Zach Schmidt
Square One Clubhouse
Email: schmidtzach80@gmail.com

Website: http://paclubhousecoalition.org

Rocky Mountain Clubhouse Coalition

Contact: Renee Schell
Frontier House
Phone: 970 347 2475
Email: Renee.Schell@NorthRange.org

Contact: Schuyler L. Berman
Spirit Crossing Clubhouse
Phone: 970 231 6336
Email: Schuylerb2@gmail.com

Swedish Clubhouse Coalition

Contact: Helena Lundell
Fontänhuset Örebro
Phone: 46 19 320 520
Email: Helena.Lundell@sverigesfontanhus.se

Website: https://www.sverigesfontanhus.se/

Utah Clubhouse Coalition

Contact: Paige Huff
Alliance House
Phone: 435-882-4845
Email: paigeh@alliancehouse.org

Contact: Matt Reed
Journey House
Email: mattr@dbhutah.org

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