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Updates from the Clubhouse Community
February 9, 2024

Watch Our Most Recent WANA Webinars!

The WANA Webinar Series was pleased to present its thirty-first Webinar, Transforming and Elevating Your Program:  Becoming a Thriving Clubhouse, on Wednesday February 21 at 10:00am EST, featuring AIM Center (TN, USA) and The Lotus House (KS, USA). The video link will be available shortly.

Click here to register for future webinars. For questions and more information about WANA Webinars, email:

In the meantime, click here to watch previous WANA Webinars!


  • Our THIRTIETH Webinar presentation entitled, Make it Work! Designing Clubhouse Spaces to Optimize Community Engagement, was presented on Wednesday December 13, 2023 at 9:00am EST. The featured presenters were Gateway (South Carolina USA) and Clubhouse Lyon (France). Click here for the webinar video.
  • Our TWENTY-NINTH Webinar presentation entitled, Clubhouses Unite: Utilizing the Power of Your Coalition for Regional Training and Support, was presented on Wednesday September 27, 2023 at 9:00am EDT. The featured presenters were Fontenehus Norge (Clubhouse Norway) and Clubhouse Ohio. Click here for the webinar video.
  • Our TWENTY-EIGHTH Webinar presentation entitled, Everyone Wins! Creating Opportunities through Community Partnerships, was presented on Wednesday May 10, 2023 at 9:00am EDT. The featured presenter was Mosaic House, London, England. Click here for the webinar video.
  • Our TWENTY-SEVENTH Webinar presentation entitled, Assembling the Dream Team – Preparing Your Clubhouse for a Successful Colleague Training, was presented on Wednesday February 15, 2023 at 11:00am EST. Featured Panelists included: Independence Center, St. Louis, Missouri; High Hopes, Waterville, Maine; and Spirit Crossing Clubhouse, Fort Collins, Colorado. Click here for the webinar video.
  • Our TWENTY-SIXTH Webinar presentation entitled, Practical Tools for Ensuring a Vibrant Clubhouse Afternoon, was presented on Wednesday December 14, 2022 at 11:00am EDT. Featured Panelists included: Alliance House, Salt Lake City, Utah, Connections Place, Victoria, Canada and Fresh Start, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Click here for the webinar video.
  • Our TWENETY-FIFTH Webinar presentation entitled, Lights, Camera, Action! Integrating multi-media into the work of your Clubhouse, was presented on Wednesday May 11, 2022 at 10:00am EDT. Presenters included individuals from Gateway (South Carolina USA) and Academy at Glengary (Florida, USA). Click here for the webinar video.
  • Our TWENTY-FOURTH Webinar presentation entitled, How to Get, Keep, Nurture, and Inspire a Great Clubhouse Staff, was presented on Wednesday February 16, 2022 10:00am by Lee Kellogg (Clubhouse International); Megan Kelly and Shawn Guffey (Fountain House, New York); and Mike Leahy (Genesis House, Michigan). Click here for the webinar video.
  • Our TWENTY-THIRD Webinar presentation entitled, Stronger Together: The Impact of Connecting to the International Clubhouse Movement, was presented on December 15, 2021 9:00am (EST) by Craig Bayer, Fountain House New York; Jonah Bogle, Klubbhuset Pelaren, Aland Island; Michal Golani, Clubhouse Jerusalem, Alon and Amit, Israel; Jack Yatsko, Clubhouse International; and Kinga Jedrzejczak, Fountain House New York. Click here for the webinar video.
  • Our TWENTY-SECOND Webinar presentation entitled, Clubhouses and Young Adults: Providing an Anchor in these uncertain times, was presented on September 22, 2021 at 10:00am EDT. Participants included: Genesis Club Massachusetts and Headway Clubhouse Missouri. Click here for the webinar video.
  • Our TWENTY-FIRST Webinar presentation entitled, Clubhouses and Covid: Reopening and Revitalizing, a panel moderated by Lee Kellogg, Clubhouse International, was presented on July 7, 2021 at 9:00am EDT. Participants included: Sheldon House, Michigan (Cleo Figures and Tara Van Dyke); Fountain House, New York (Marlene Mouttet and Elliott Madison); and Fontenehuset Rygge, Norway (Jon Kristian Vervik and Helene Molvig). Click here for the webinar video.
  • Our TWENTIETH Webinar presentation entitled, Members on the Clubhouse Board: A Lively, Interactive Roundtable Discussion, presented by: Joel D. Corcoran (Clubhouse International), Knut Stubben (Fontenehuset Hønefoss, Norway), Donnamarie Randolph (Magnolia Clubhouse, Ohio), Fred Carpenter (Gateway, South Carolina), Bob Walker (Hillsgrove House, Rhode Island), and Andy Wilson (Carriage House, Indiana), was presented on Wednesday May 26, 2021, at 9:00 am (EDT). Click here for the video recording.
  • Our NINETEENTH Webinar presentation entitled, The Care Responders Campaign: An Evolving Approach to Crisis Support, presented by Mary Crowley and Christina Sparrock, Fountain House, New York; Bill Wasserman, M + R Strategic Services; and Eric Estrada and Tahlar Rowe, San Antonio Clubhouse, Texas, was presented on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 10:00 am (EDT). Click here for the video recording.
  • Our EIGHTEENTH Webinar presentation entitled, Celebrating Our Standards, presented by: Joel D. Corcoran and Robby Vorspan, Clubhouse International; Lynn Lupo, Independence Center, Missouri; Jonah Juergen Bogle, Klubbhuset Pelaren, Finland; and Alex Baldassare and Judy Meibach, Fountain House, New York, was presented on  Wednesday March 24, 2021, 10:00 am (EDT). Click here for the video recording.
  • Our SEVENTEENTH Webinar presentation entitled, Clubhouses and Law Enforcement: Strengthening our Relationship (part one of a two-part series) was presented on Wednesday February 17, 2021 at 10:00am (EST) by: Rich Meyer and David George from Cora Dale Clubhouse, Indiana; Francis Disori from Lexington House of Elkhart, Indiana; and Officer James Ballard, CFI, Goshen Police Department and President of Lexington Clubhouse Advisory Board, Indiana. Click here for the video recording.
  • Our SIXTEENTH Webinar presentation entitled, Light in the Dark: Clubhouses Finding Their Way through COVID was presented on Wednesday, December 16, at 11:00am (EST) by: HERO House NW, Bellevue, Washington; Potential Place, Calgary, Canada; and Legacy Center, Flint, Michigan. Click here for the video recording.
  • Our FIFTEENTH Webinar presentation entitled, Clubhouse Focus on Wellness: Now more than ever!, was presented on Wednesday, November 18 at 10:00am (EST) by: Fountain House, New York, USA; Progress Place, Toronto, Canada; and Wellspring Clubhouse, Sellersville, Pennsylvania. Click here for the video recording.
  • Our FOURTEENTH Webinar presentation entitled, Clubhouse Coalitions: Stronger Together – How to Build and Utilize an Effective Regional Clubhouse Coalition, was presented on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 10:00am (EDT) by: Swedish Clubhouse Coalition and Academy at Glengary, Florida. Click here for the video recording.
    • Click here for the Power Point presentation from Clubhouse Ohio and Clubhouse Indiana.
    • Click here for the comments presented by Clubhouse Norway about its coalition work and successes.
  • Our THIRTEENTH Webinar presentation entitled, Digital Inclusion – Clubhouses Expanding Access to Digital Communication and Opportunity! was presented on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 9:00am (EDT). Click here for the Webinar video.
  • Our TWELFTH Webinar presentation entitled, Keeping it ‘Clubhouse’! New Member Orientation and Staff Hiring During Covid-19 was presented on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at 10:00am (EDT) by: High Hopes Clubhouse, Maine; Capitol Clubhouse, Maine; and Genesis Club, Massachusetts. Click here for the Webinar video.
  • For our ELEVENTH Webinar presentation entitled, Social Justice: How Your Clubhouse Can Make a Difference: click here for the Webinar Video, and click on each of the the links below for the PowerPoint presentations:
  • For our TENTH Webinar presentation entitled, Challenging Job Market? Time for renewed focus on Clubhouse Educational Supports!: click here for the Webinar Video, and click on each of the links below for the PowerPoint presentations:
  • For our NINTH Webinar presentation entitled, Sticking Together: Utilizing Social Programming to lift our spirits during these tough times: click here and here for the Power Point Slide Presentations; and click here for the Webinar video
  • For our EIGHTH Webinar presentation entitled, What about Work?: click here, for the Webinar video
  • For our SEVENTH Webinar presentation entitled, The ‘Hybrid’ Clubhouse: Integrating traditional onsite Clubhouse with new virtual/remote Clubhouse innovations:
    • Click here for the video of the entire Webinar
    • Click here for the Mosaic Clubhouse PowerPoint presentation
    • Click here for the Academy at Glengary PowerPoint presentation
    • Click here for the Academy at Glengary ‘Hybrid Clubhouse’ brief video clip
  • Click here for the video of our SIXTH Webinar presentation entitled, OUR VALUES: What is our Clubhouse community learning about ourselves? Our Standards? Our relationships? Our flexibility?
  • Click here for the video of our FIFTH Webinar presentation entitled, Beginning the Process of Re-Opening Our Clubhouses: Hearing from Clubhouses
  • For our FOURTH Webinar presentation entitled entitled, How are We Doing?  Clubhouses Gathering Data with our Worldwide Surveys during this Pandemic:
  • For our THIRD Webinar presentation entitled, The Virtual Work-Ordered Day presented by Genesis Club, Massachusetts:
  • Click here for the video of our SECOND Webinar presentation entitled, How Can Members Continue to Make a Meaningful Contribution to our Clubhouses During the COVID-19 Crisis?, presented by Clubhouse International
  • Click here for the video of our FIRST Webinar presentation entitled, Staying Socially Connected While Physically Distant, presented by Fountain House/New York


We reached out to Clubhouses about their proposed strategies for celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas in the midst of the restrictions in place for physical distancing at most Clubhouse around the world. Here is a ‘taste’ of some of the holidays plans afoot in the Clubhouse world:

  • We will deliver food and then gather on Zoom for our annual toast, and then use Zoom break out rooms for those who want to eat together.
  • We are going to open on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’ Day. We will observe safe distancing and wear masks. It will be weird to sit at separate little tables for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we are going to have very cozy family-ish type days.
  • This year we are working on organizing an event for Thanksgiving that will include having a group of members and staff come into the Clubhouse in the morning, preparing and packaging turkey dinners. We will deliver the hot meals to our members, with a focus on those that are homebound and/or without plans for the day. Our hope is to be able to spend some time with each member we visit.
  • We will be delivering a homemade Thanksgiving meal the day before Thanksgiving Day and then hosting a meal time together, so we can still eat together. We will stream the Thanksgiving Day Football game, Thanksgiving Parade, and a Thanksgiving day Hallmark Movie. For Christmas we will deliver meals and gifts (stockings) engaging our board and partners to help collect what goes into the stockings. We have talked about delivering cookie kits and to have zoom cookie decorating, with a Santa Claus, and virtual Christmas caroling.

If your Clubhouse has creative ideas or plans for the holidays, please send them to us so we can share them with the larger Clubhouse community!

Please take care of each other and stay safe and healthy.


As described in our most recent WANA webinar about Clubhouse coalitions, the newly formed Clubhouse Ohio met with most of the recognized Clubhouses around the world to gather information and resources to assist in its development. We asked Clubhouse Ohio to graciously share the key learnings from these meetings, to be of assistance to other Clubhouse coalitions in various stages of growth and evolution. They shared the following:

Lessons Learned from Coalitions:

  1. It is important that coalitions have a requirement for Clubhouse Accreditation and encourage their member Clubhouses participate in Clubhouse training and conferences.
  2. Coalitions have many different types of structures. These include having a lead Clubhouse, rotating leaders, establishing a registered charity or non-profit organization and board, and/or having paid staff for the Coalition.
  3. Coalitions need effective leadership and must be able to delegate the work throughout the coalition network.
  4. Few coalitions currently have paid coalition staff, but these coalitions have found it very effective.
  5. Most coalitions focus on both government and private fundraising.
  6. Most coalitions engage in starting more Clubhouses in their regions, and strengthening existing Clubhouses.
  7. Strong coalitions develop relationships with public officials and other key stakeholders.
  8. Coalitions develop relationships with local government and engage in broader collective advocacy for Clubhouses and mental health.
  9. Coalitions ask for relevant data from the Clubhouses in the coalition and use this data for public relations, advocacy and fundraising.
  10. Some Coalitions set goals and targets for developing new Clubhouses, and for optimal numbers of active members for member Clubhouses.
  11. Some Coalitions prioritize the need to include some free-standing Clubhouses within their coalition membership, as it is seen that these might provide increased stability.
  12. Coalitions network strategically across states, regions and countries.
  13. It helps to keep the size of the group smaller to be more manageable and productive.
  14. For developing new Clubhouses, some coalitions have found that it is easier to start a new Clubhouse rather than to change from an existing program.


Have COVID-19 protocols and restrictions impacted your Clubhouse’s daily attendance and/or the urgency and energy in your work-ordered day? If so, you are not alone.

Clubhouse International hosts a network of Clubhouse Director E-forums, where Clubhouses can discuss any Clubhouse issue and seek assistance from other Clubhouses in the e-group.

Recently, Andy Wilson, Director of The Carriage House (Fort Wayne Indiana), posed the following issue in this e-group forum:

Carriage House closed March 15. We did a lot of cool stuff to help with outreach, etc. Then we started a gradual re-opening – for about 6 weeks we were welcoming 18 members per day. About three weeks ago, we started to realize that we were no longer getting 18 people signed up and said, “Everyone is Welcome back” (with masking all day, social distance, extra cleaning, temperature checking, etc.).

And our attendance continued to fall. I’ve been doing some heavy thinking about this. And here are my initial thoughts:

  1. With such a low attendance for so long (due to COVID), there is less to do except outreach (fewer lunches, less banking, less data entrance, etc.)
  2. Members and staff became used to a less frenetic environment – it’s easier. Initially the low attendance felt like a “snow day” – it was kind of fun – and we rallied. Then it became a sense of hunkering down and taking care of each other. Which was good. 

But now, I think our culture has shifted substantially. We (members and staff) have settled into a rhythm that is driven by “take care of each other” – rather than “we totally NEED you to help out.”

And, without the real, immediate, palpable, and accessible need, members don’t come.

We have a plan to do a hard re-set on our culture – and I am confident that with leadership and conversation and a lot of hard work we can pull it off. 

However, I have been thinking that this is primarily a Carriage House issue (ultimately, my leadership issue) and Robby suggested that maybe this was happening at other Clubhouses as well. So I wanted to throw it out there and see if it’s just us?

Any responses would be helpful!

Apparently, Andy touched on an issue that is relevant for a lot of Clubhouses around the world. Here is Andy’s reply to the massive outpouring of recognition, suggestions, and solidarity:

AllWOW! I am reminded again what an incredible and generous group of people comprise our community! I have compiled 18 pages of responses to the original email regarding the Carriage House’s low attendance issue. We have printed them out and will be using them over the next weeks to help us. I can’t tell you how grateful we are.

For what it’s worth I have taken away a few important pieces of wisdom that I didn’t have before:

  1. It’s totally not just us. WE are in this thing together. 🙂
  2. Everyone is trying cool things to keep our Clubhouses open and our culture vibrant. We are going to steal them all.
  3. And maybe most importantly, we are living through a truly historic time – in the US, something like the great depression, but worldwide. It is profound and unique – something that will be, quite literally, talked about for generations. In that light, comparing our ADA and culture struggles to who we were 6 months ago is a fool’s errand; none of us has anything to compare this to.

So we will struggle. We will hold together everything we can. We will fight to be creative and hopeful. And we will look forward to the time when our full and fantastic Clubhouses tell the stories. About the time that we faced the hardest challenge of our lifetimes. And came through the other side – together.

Thank you so much!  Alexander (Andy) Wilson, Executive Director

Click here for the full compilation of replies from Clubhouses to this important question.


The European Conference will be a virtual conference, November 18. For information contact Guido Valentini at Club Itaca Roma at

September 9, 2020


Between April and June 2020, 310 member Clubhouses were invited to provide feedback about the essential needs and actions of Clubhouse communities during the pandemic. Click here for a summary of the important findings of this extensive Clubhouse survey!


The Academy at Glengary recently hosted a very successful (and fun!) fundraising telethon. The Clubhouse has generously shared the link of the event so that other Clubhouses could use the basic structure and concepts for your own fundraisers. Click here to view the event!


  • Clubhouse International has extended Accreditation expiration dates for one year (for all reports received prior to June 10th). Clubhouses will receive new Accreditation certificates reflecting the revised expiration date within the next few weeks.
  • In light of the significant accommodations most Clubhouses have had to make to adhere to Covid-related safety measures, we have revised the Accreditation self-study template to ensure that Clubhouses can accurately describe their current situation. Clubhouses on the upcoming Accreditation schedule will receive the revised self-study template.
  • We are organizing Zoom calls with Clubhouses in various countries, regions and coalitions across the world. We are eager to learn about how the Clubhouse community continues to organize and innovate to provide vibrant Clubhouse supports to members, even in the midst of the challenges posed by the continuing pandemic. Your work is inspiring and we want to share your great ideas and strategies with other Clubhouses around the world!
  • PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW ADDRESS! Clubhouse International’s new mailing address as of Sept. 4th: Clubhouse International, 845 Third Avenue, 6th Floor, New York, New York 10022


  • The USA Clubhouse Conference will be a virtual conference, October 8-9. Click here to register, and save $20 per registration if you register five or more individuals!
  • The European Conference will be a virtual conference, November 18. For information contact Guido Valentini at Club Itaca Roma at:
  • The Canadian Conference will be held as a virtual conference. The Conference will be November 9, 2020 or two half-days, November 9-10 (to be determined). Contact Rebecca Dunk, or 416 323-0223 ext. 246 for further information.
  • The 2020 Asian Clubhouse Conference has been canceled.

August 21, 2020


Clubhouse International continues to adjust our operations in order to most effectively meet the changing needs of our international Clubhouse community during the continuing COVID-19 crisis. These changes include:

  • All Accredited Clubhouses that received their Accreditation report/outcome prior to June 10, 2020 have received an automatic one-year Accreditation extension. New Accreditation certificates that reflect the new expiration dates will be mailed to you within the next several weeks.
  • We have revised the Self-Study template to include questions that will describe the Clubhouse’s current operations (including virtual, hybrid, and onsite activity) as well as information about the Clubhouse ‘baseline operations,’ prior to the outbreak of the pandemic. Clubhouses on the Accreditation schedule will receive the revised Self-Study soon.


  • The USA Clubhouse Conference will be a virtual conference, October 8-9. A Save-the-Date announcement has been sent to Clubhouses.
  • The European Conference will be a virtual conference, November 18. For information contact Guido Valentini at Club Itaca Roma at
  • The Canadian Conference will be held as a virtual conference. The Conference will be November 9, 2020 or two half-days, November 9-10 (to be determined). Contact Rebecca Dunk, or 416 323-0223 ext. 246 for further information.
  • The 2020 Asian Clubhouse Conference has been canceled.


Clubhouse International held a series of videoconferences with the International Training Base group last week. Comprehensive Clubhouse training has been suspended at most Training Bases for the duration of 2020. As there are significant differences regarding the extent and impact of the virus in different parts of the world, we encourage Clubhouses to connect directly with individual Training Bases for their most current training information and schedules.


Putnam Clubhouse, California, is hosting a one-day conference entitled: REIMAGINE Mental Health Care Conference, Thursday August 27, 2020, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm. To register for this free virtual conference, or if you have any questions, please call Liliana at 925-691-4276, or email:

Fountain House, New York, will launch the publication of their new journal, the “ROAR Journal,” on Friday, August 28 at 12:00pm EDT. Click here to register for the event. Presenters will include Craig Bayer, Editor in Chief of ROAR (and member of Fountain House), Dr. Alan Doyle (Fountain House), Dr. Francesca Pernice (Wayne State University), David Maletesta (Fontanehuset i Oslo) and Dr. Ashwin Vasan (Fountain House)

July 27, 2020

Letter of Gratitude from Clubhouse International

Dear Clubhouse Directors and Colleagues,

All of us at Clubhouse International want to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your fortitude, perseverance and leadership during this challenging period.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading across the globe, Clubhouses quickly mobilized and began a swift transition from building-based services to virtual and mobile services. During that time we had conversations and meetings with more than 300 member Clubhouses to learn how Clubhouses were responding to the crisis. It has been clear to us that you are passionately committed to ensuring that members know that they are not alone in this crisis, and that their Clubhouses are there to support them through this difficult time. The Clubhouse community’s communal sense of unity and hope has helped all of us cope with this difficult pandemic.

During this time we have also partnered with Fountain House to bring you the WANA webinar series, to share best practices and helpful strategies. We appreciate the willingness of many of your Clubhouses to share what is working and what has been most helpful. Thank you to everyone that has been willing to share how your Clubhouse is remaining strong and active during this difficult period. Together we have all learned some new and innovative ways to expand the work of Clubhouses.

As some Clubhouses are beginning to reopen their buildings and others are still in the planning stage, we have seen a seamless continuation of Clubhouse work. The stories we have heard from Clubhouse members about how their Clubhouse communities have reached out and found ways to lift them up are truly inspirational.

This has been a long and challenging journey, and it may continue for some time. But it has become quite clear to all of us that we are in it together.

Today we just wanted to express our appreciation for you, and acknowledge the long hours, the new initiatives, and all of the effective work you have been doing. Your unwavering commitment to the members of your Clubhouse communities is the very essence of the Clubhouse International network and our social movement. We are certain that because of your persistence and dedication, we will come through this even stronger. Thank you!

Sincerely, Your friends and colleagues at Clubhouse International

Inter-Clubhouse Pen Pal Program | #Clubhouseworks. In a world of physical distancing, Clubhouse colleagues are staying connected through many virtual mediums. Snail mail is a special way to bring our Clubhouse communities together, and share our mutual experiences throughout this pandemic.

Our Inter-Clubhouse Pen Pal Program began in the United States with the over 40 Clubhouses in Michigan. Once the program started getting momentum, it was expanded to Clubhouses around North America. We have gone international now with France, London, Norway, Poland, and Sweden involved.

Now, the program has 200 members from around the world participating! Please help spread the word to colleagues so they can join in on this wonderful opportunity.

To sign up, you can click here to fill out our simple questionnaire, or email a colleague’s information (first and last name, mailing address, Clubhouse name, contact info*), or any questions to: Abbey Podbielski at: (Note: All colleague information is kept confidential, only paired pen pals will receive each other’s information.)

Request for Webinar topics: We are in the process of planning the topics for our next round of WANA Webinars. We would love to hear from you if you have ideas regarding timely and relevant topics for upcoming webinars. If you want to share an idea with us, please email us at:

Accreditation Extensions: In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, Clubhouse International recognizes the need to make adjustments in our Accreditation program. While maintaining our focus on ensuring the high quality of Accredited Clubhouses, we also recognize the need to protect the safety of our member Clubhouses and our Accreditation Faculty.

We understand that most Clubhouses around the world are currently experiencing a high degree of uncertainty, and are in the process of reorganizing core structures and routines in order to ensure the safety of your communities. Consequently, we have decided to award an additional year of Accredited status to all currently Accredited Clubhouses that received their Accreditation reports prior to June 10, 2020. We hope that this extra time will allow Clubhouses to fully focus on the immediate task of developing effective strategies to meet the needs of your membership during this unusual time. We will be in contact with individual Clubhouses to schedule our next visit. If you have questions, please contact us!

July 6, 2020

Our NINTH Webinar presentation entitled, Sticking Together: Utilizing Social Programming to lift our spirits during these tough times, included a presentation by Putnam Clubhouse, California, about their exciting virtual social programming. As part of that programming, Putnam Clubhouse has sponsored several International Talent Shows. Click here for information about the next Talent Show, which will be held on July 24 at 4:00-7:00 pm (Pacific Time).

June 20, 2020

High Hopes Clubhouse, Maine, USA has created a full, creative, informative newsletter that describes the Clubhouse’s journey through these last challenging months. Click here to view this inspiring edition of their newsletter, which is a testament to a vibrant Clubhouse community that has used obstacles and hardships as springboards to discover new depths of connection, new ways of belonging, and new strategies for overcoming odds.

Grand Avenue Clubhouse, Wisconsin, USA has developed an effective press release regarding their innovative work during the COVID-19 crisis. Click here for the press release. Grand Avenue Clubhouse welcomes other Clubhouses to utilize language from their press release, as is relevant for your particular situation. Click here for an inspiring story in a local newspaper about Grand Avenue’s response to the pandemic.

June 13, 2020


UPCOMING WEBINAR: Please join us for the next webinar in our series: Sticking Together: Utilizing Social Programming to lift our spirits during these tough times, presented by: Alliance House, Utah; and Putman Clubhouse, California. Live Stream on Wednesday, June 17 at 11:00am (EDT). To sign up: email

In our conversations with Clubhouses that have begun the process of re-opening, so far we have learned:

  • Most Clubhouses have restrictions on the number of people that can be in the Clubhouse at any time.
  • Some have established a system of requiring members to sign up in advance, on a first come first served basis.
  • Some have created ‘shifts’ – with some members coming in the morning and some in the afternoon. Some are having members choose a few days per week to come, leaving room for other members on other days.
  • Some allow anyone to come but if the building is full when a member arrives, a staff or member will meet with that person outside for a check in.
  • Most Clubhouses are continuing with their ‘virtual’ Clubhouse operations – having house and unit meetings online as well as onsite.
  • Most Clubhouses have some kind of screening, which can include a temperature check and/or completion of a symptom screening checklist before anyone can enter the building.
  • Most Clubhouses have clear and careful systems in place for regularly disinfecting the Clubhouse during the course of the day.
  • Computers in use are at least six feet away from each other. Some computers are not being used if they are not within that distance.
  • Most Clubhouses are requiring everyone to wear a mask in the Clubhouse, except while eating.
  • Lunch
    • Some Clubhouses are not serving lunch, but asking people to bring a bagged lunch
    • Some Clubhouses are making lunch but asking people to bring the lunch back to their unit where there is more space for distancing.
    • Some Clubhouses have arranged the dining room to ensure social distancing, and some have faced all chairs in the same direction to further mitigate face to face contagion.
  • Transportation
    • Most Clubhouses are discouraging use of public transportation at this time
    • Some Clubhouses with vans are limiting number of passengers to ensure safe social distancing.

We will continue to collect and share ideas, plans, and strategies for reopening as Clubhouses continue the process.

Reopening Greetings to the Clubhouse Community, from Clubhouse Lyon, France:

Greetings from Lyon!

We have re-opened the doors on Monday 25th May! Yeah! We planned the re-opening with a few members since the 11th May at the Clubhouse to see how we can manage the work order day.

It’s a slow opening for us as there are still a lot of restrictions post lockdown, though the rules have been relaxed since the 11th May. But it’s good to be back!

We are open 3 afternoons per week for the work ordered day with members who chose which day they wanted to come (and limited numbers so we can respect the social distancing ; 15 members maximum). And each staff has been assigned one afternoon so that the teams don’t mix and meet each other. We have all the hygiene and sanitary measures in place : wearing masks, hydroalcoholic gel in each room, and disinfection at the end of the day of the premises.

On the other days, we are doing our one on one meetings with members on their projects (especially with those who do not want to come back yet to the Clubhouse with other members for the work order day). Each staff has a specific day/time frame.

We are continuing the online virtual Clubhouse activities via Slack and Zoom such as writing the newsletter, training, cooking classes led by staff, and drawing and qi kong classes led by members. We are continuing the reach out staff to members / members to members each week.

And on other days where we are not at the Clubhouse, the teams meet outside. Since the weather is nice at the moment, one group met yesterday at Parc de la Tête d’Or, had lunch together and then worked on projects for our upcoming fundraising event in October 2020.

We are hoping that the rules will be less restrictive soon so that we can open more hours and with more members!

It’s our 3rd week of re-opening and it’s going along great! Last Tuesday, we worked on 4 different projects in the afternoon. We had to be creative and the work ordered day meeting was held in 2 rooms via Zoom. Members are feeling engaged again and ‘useful’. They are happy to be back with a dynamic program, and see other members. They respect the measures in place and fully understand that for the moment, we organised the work ordered day differently.

Sharing with you a few photos of the work order day in masks and the working lunch picnic we did on Monday!

Attached is the 2nd newsletter members wrote during the lockdown, and translated by them in English to send to you.

Hope all is well on your end. Keep in touch!

Your friends at Clubhouse Lyon

Click here for the latest Clubhouse Lyon newsletter.

May 15, 2020

Please join us for the next webinar in our series: What about Work? How can we maintain our focus on work/employment in the current environment? Presented by: Independence Center, Missouri; Fontenehuset Bærum, Norway; Fountain House Stockholm, Sweden. Live Stream on Thursday, June 4 at 10:00am (EDT). To sign up: email


Click here to view a six minute video prepared by Stepping Stone, Australia, with lively footage of their Clubhouse in these early days of reopening. You can see how they have arranged space, and what the Clubhouse might look and feel like in these early days of returning to the building.

Please send us any successful tips and strategies your Clubhouse community has discovered in these early days of re-opening our Clubhouses in so many parts of the world.

We will share these with other Clubhouses looking for guidance! Stay healthy, stay safe!

May 18, 2020

UPCOMING WEBINAR: The ‘Hybrid’ Clubhouse: Integrating Traditional Onsite Clubhouse with New Virtual/Remote Clubhouse Innovations, Wednesday, May 27, 2020 10:00am (EDT), presented by Mosaic Clubhouse, London, England and Academy at Glengary, Florida, USA.

May 18, 2020


OUR VALUES: What is our Clubhouse community learning about ourselves? Our Standards? Our relationships? Our flexibility?  Wednesday, May 20, 2020 10:00am (EDT). Presented by the members and staff of Progress Place Clubhouse, Toronto, Canada.


Last week’s Webinar, “Beginning the Process of Re-Opening Our Clubhouses: Hearing from Clubhouses,was extremely well attended and provided helpful information to Clubhouses, as many of them gradually begin the process of re-opening their buildings.

Click here for a compendium of re-opening tips and strategies that we have collected from a wide range of Clubhouses around the world, as they begin the process of opening their Clubhouses for the daily interactions and work of the Clubhouse.

Phoenix Clubhouse, Hong Kong SAR, PRC, did not have to entirely close their building during the pandemic. As such, they have a great deal of experience of how to work in the Clubhouse while maintaining a safe, hygienic space and appropriate physical distancing. Click here for a helpful PowerPoint presentation with pictures that illustrate some of these helpful strategies.


As some Clubhouses have now maintained remote/virtual Work-ordered Days for many weeks or months, we have some excellent examples of how these have evolved. Click here for the Independence Center (Missouri) daily virtual Clubhouse schedule. The image below depicts the daily schedule for San Antonio Clubhouse (Texas).

May 11, 2020


  • Our Values: What is Our Clubhouse Community Learning About Ourselves? Our Standards? Our Relationships? Our Flexibility? Wednesday, May 20, 10:00am (EDT)

Thank you to Jesse McCrum, member of Austin Clubhouse, Texas, for sharing his artwork expressing the meaning of a Clubhouse community in this time of physical isolation from one another.

May 4, 2020


Clubhouses around the world are doing extraordinary work, in the midst of this difficult time, to keep their Clubhouse communities connected, safe, supported, and full of hope.

Some Clubhouses have shared these inspiring stories with their local media. This is frequently resulting in the surrounding community taking a renewed interest in the unique and deeply human work that Clubhouses do every day, which we hope will help to strengthen support for Clubhouses now – and into the future.

  • Click here for a newspaper article about Miracle Clubhouse, Ohio
  • Click here for a newspaper article about New Journey Clubhouse, Michigan
  • Click here for an article about Progress Place, in one of Toronto’s major newspapers


  • Click here for a helpful resource document compiled by Independence Center, Missouri.

April 25, 2020

Finding the Silver Lining: Raise Your Clubhouse’s Visibility in Your Community

Clubhouses around the world are doing extraordinary work, in the midst of this difficult time, to keep their Clubhouse communities connected, safe, supported, and full of hope.

Some Clubhouses have shared these inspiring stories with their local media. This is frequently resulting in the surrounding community taking a renewed interest in the unique and deeply human work that Clubhouses do every day, which we hope will help to strengthen support for Clubhouses now – and into the future.

  • Click here for a moving op-ed letter that Andy Wilson, Director of The Carriage House, Indiana, sent to their local newspaper. Andy says that he would be delighted if anyone else in the larger Clubhouse wants to use some of the language in this letter for a similar letter to your own local newspaper.
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic Mosaic Clubhouse, London, is not currently providing its usual building-based Clubhouse opportunities. But as there are many homeless people in their neighborhood, the Clubhouse has opened its doors so that a local charity can use their kitchen to prepare meals to serve them. The Clubhouse tweeted, “From today @streetskitchen is using our kitchen at Mosaic to cook food for delivery to homeless people being temporarily housed by Lambeth Council! We are incredibly happy that our building and our well-loved kitchen, can be of use during this time!” @lambeth_council  |  #community

Mark Stoeltje, San Antonio Clubhouse, Texas, sent this heartfelt article to the local San Antonio newspaper, about the meaning of true community: click here to read it!

Alliance House, Salt Lake City, Utah, was featured on their local TV news, highlighting the critical work the Clubhouse is doing to ensure that people have safe and decent housing, especially in this time of crisis. Click here to view this TV segment!

Strengthening Inter-Clubhouse Connections through ‘Discord’ Platform

Stine Gjerdalen, a member from Fontenehuset Gjørvik, Norway, has worked hard to create a welcoming, accessible social media ‘gathering place’ for Clubhouse members and staff from anywhere in the world. Stine describes it as follows: “Discord is a social platform originally made for gamers, but it is being used by others as well.”

The Clubhouse in Gjøvik, Norway, started a Discord group for all members and staff in the Clubhouses in Norway, but has since opened it for all Clubhouses in the world. In this group you can talk with other members and staff in both writing, or on a voice channel. You can talk about your Clubhouse – or just about anything. The most important thing is that everyone has someone to socialize with during the COVID-19 crisis, and in your free time when the Clubhouses open again.

It is so great getting to know people across the Clubhouses and different countries! Click here to join!  This will bring you to the Discord website, and you can follow the instructions on how you make a Discord account. We hope to see you there!

REMINDER: Calling Clubhouse Heroes!

Do you have a colleague who’s gone above and beyond for your Clubhouse Community? Someone you’re just grateful to work with? We’re collecting suggestions for a Clubhouse Heroes: Stories of Gratitude series for next month when we will celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. Send us a brief profile about someone in the Clubhouse community who you’re grateful for and why they’re a hero to you! It could be staff, a member, a board member — anyone who is in some way connected to and impacts your Clubhouse. Please limit your submission to 200 words or less. If your submission is selected, we’ll ask for a photo. Send your submission to Teri Chadwick at

April 17, 2020

Clubhouse Response to COVID-19 in the Republic of Korea

Clubhouse International continues to meet with Coalition and Clubhouses across the globe to share information, helpful strategies and learn new ways of supporting members during the COVID-19 Crisis. This past week over 20 colleagues from the following Clubhouses in the Republic of Korea joined Joel D. Corcoran and Jack Yatsko from Clubhouse International to share their stores of hope, community and resiliency:

  • Taiwha Fountain House, Seadaemun Haebeotnuri
  • Nulpoorum, Song-guk Clubhouse
  • Vitamin, Johann Village
  • Heemangseam, Chamsari Clubhouse
  • Saebeot Clubhouse, Taiwha Sunrising Clubhouse

Highlights of their virtual Clubhouses include: Taiwha FH has 69 members continuing to work: Daily lunch box deliveries; Virtual exercise and learning programs; Morning and afternoon virtual meetings; and Robust communication via chat forums.

We Are Not Alone!

How My Clubhouse is Helping Me Navigate This Pandemic! By Karen Christ, member of Genesis Club, Worcester Massachusetts, and Clubhouse International Faculty

  • Having our daily Unit Meetings (Genesis Club is using WebEx) is extremely helpful as it provides some sense of normalcy and structure.  Each unit has these meetings twice a week.
  • Reminders about these Unit Meetings are posted ahead of time on each unit’s Facebook page.  Posting these reminders is a task that a member usually agrees to do, “side-by-side” virtually with staff.

There is an Agenda for the unit meeting (Click here for a sample of one our unit meeting agendas). The agenda is typed up (another meaningful task) and a member and staff team facilitate the unit meeting.  Everything on the agenda creates tasks/meaningful work for both staff and members.

Genesis Club has a general, main Facebook page, but each unit also has its own Facebook page. Having these Facebook Pages creates lots of possibilities for meaningful work, such as:

  • Updating the page with daily posts (For example: “Good Morning, everyone!  How are you all doing today?”).  It’s amazing how many members – and staff – post replies to these general questions.  It keeps everyone feeling connected.  We post informative things, each of which requires work for members/staff to do ahead of time, for instance:
  • Research articles with information that might be helpful during this coronavirus crisis, i.e., Mental Health Wellness Tips, or where to find certain types of help if you need it (i.e., food assistance, medical assistance, mental health assistance, etc.)
  • Our unit has posted some fun videos of people out walking, describing nature as they walk, the weather, other funny stories, etc., and these are uploaded to Facebook.  Both staff and members have made these. Some have even posted videos of recipes of things they’re making at home to help pass the time. The Kitchen Unit has a daily post from staff member Ryan called “Lunch with Ryan” and it’s hysterical – about what’s he’s having for lunch that day, how he’s made it, what it looks like – but it’s all really funny.
  • Our unit is of course doing daily outreach (as is each unit).  The members of our unit have been divided equally among the staff, who ensure that calls and/or texts and/or e-mails are made daily to members. Members “sign up” for a lot of these calls. Most of the time we try to make them “conference calls,” with a staff member and at least one, sometimes two members on the call as well.  We’ve had some really good, connecting calls this way. This morning I made two such calls with one of our staff.
  • During the Unit Meeting we go over our “Birthday List.”  We’ve been discussing various ways to be sure we remember members’ birthdays.  This is generating unit work.  We’ve made calls to members, of course, but we’re also researching other ways (members and staff teams), such as making a Google doc-type card that everyone can sign which can then be sent, or obtaining membership with an e-card company/website for a very small annual fee where you can send an unlimited number of all types of greeting cards to members, with the ability to add personalized messages signed by “the Unit.’
  • We’ve made some “house calls” as outreach, too.  As an example, one member lost her sister a couple of weeks ago. One unit member made a beautiful card, and another member, who is an extremely talented baker, made a gorgeous batch of cookies. The baker dropped off the cookies at the Clubhouse.  Yet another member picked up the card from the first member’s house, then stopped at the Clubhouse, picked up the cookies, and then dropped off both card and cookies on the porch of the member who was grieving.  It was a really good example of members coordinating meaningful work to help another member.
  • We’ve also created a specific outreach list of members who are struggling because they don’t have the technology to keep up with Unit Meetings virtually or to stay connected with the Clubhouse via social media.  We were just awarded $10,000 from the Greater Worcester Community Foundation for general emergency funds and we are using it specifically to help members acquire the technology they need during this crisis to help them stay connected.  We’ve been making 2-3 purchases a day in this regard, and everything around this issue has created meaningful work: finding out who needs the iPad with larger numbers, whose computer is broken, who doesn’t have internet access, etc.; who will place the purchase order for whatever we need to buy; who will make the purchase; who will bring it to the porch of the member’s house; and who will follow-up with instructions by phone or video-conferencing if the member needs a learning curve on the new equipment, etc.
  • Our unit is also keeping track of our members’ goals and Action Plans.  We have forms to use during conference calls with members to go over their Action Plans.  For instance, a staff, myself and another member agreed at yesterday’s Unit Meeting to partner on this. She sent me the blank Comprehensive Assessment and Goal Form we’re using for our annual Action Plans, as well as the March and April Action Plan lists. The more of these that we can complete now, and not fall behind, the better it will be for the unit.  But we’re also hoping it will be a good process for members who need a plan, as they can have a thoughtful phone conversation to identify what goals they’d like to work on at the Clubhouse this year.


We’re seeing announcements for available funds for tele-health programs (click here for an example). Research online for what’s available in your region or click here to check out this potential resource.

Member Musings: Life in the Time of Physical Distancing

Click here for reflections of members of Austin Clubhouse, Texas, as they find strength and meaning through their experiences of living through the crisis of COVID-19.

April 10, 2020: NEW This Week

We want to share a few useful resources that might be helpful to Clubhouses as most of us continue to operate as ‘remote/virtual’ Clubhouse communities.

  • Fountain House Telephonic Infrastructure. Click here for a document created by Fountain House, New York, with helpful resources about how to ensure that members are able to access their Clubhouse community during this time. The brief document includes excellent resources to address issues regarding members who lack the technology and/or skillset to actively participate in its virtual clubhouse platforms (Facebook, Slack, Zoom, etc.).
  • Tips and Strategies_Fundraising and Funding. Fundraising in a time of crisis is stressful for everyone. Finding the right solution for your funding needs can be a challenge; what works for your local food pantry may not work for your Clubhouse. But what you can adapt, you can apply. Click here for Clubhouse International resource information regarding Funding and Fundraising in this environment.
  • Direct Mail Campaign Tips. If your Clubhouse is trying to make decisions about a direct mail campaign, you might find this useful.
  • Genesis House Virtual 5K Fundraiser. Understandably, many scheduled Clubhouse events have been canceled due to the ‘stay at home’ orders in places around the world. However, some Clubhouses have creatively reinvented some of their scheduled events so that they can be held ‘virtually’ rather than in person. Genesis House, in Fowlerville, Michigan, has converted its ‘All Minds Matter 5K’ fundraiser event into a virtual race! Click here for a template invitation that your Clubhouse might use or adapt for your own fundraising purposes.

For Clubhouses in the USA: There is an opportunity for Clubhouses to apply for potential funding through the SBA (Small Business Administration), as part of the recently passed Stimulus bill by Congress. We are aware of three Clubhouses thus far that are applying for these funds. Breakthrough Club (Kansas) has already gotten approval for their application. If interested, your Clubhouse Director/Board should carefully review the Act to weigh the pros and cons of applying. Kailey, Barb and Lori are willing to help you by sharing their experience with this opportunity.

The loan forgiveness aspect of this funding is potentially particularly attractive for Clubhouses.

Summary of Helpful Resource Documents:

  • Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide and Checklist. The SBA loan for disaster relief now includes areas impacted by COVID-19. Organizations and small businesses can apply for up to $2 million at a low rate (around 4%) with a 30 year term and no payment for the first year. If approved, this loan can be used in any capacity for an organization to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic. This original SBA loan must be submitted to the SBA directly.
  • Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide and Checklist. The CARES Act that was passed on March 27th, which was also part of the stimulus bill, allows organizations to apply for a loan in areas that are impacted by COVID-19. The loan can be up to 2.5 times the monthly payroll cost of an organization, with a cap of $10 million. This loan is specific to cover payroll costs to keep workers of an organization and not having to lay off employees. This loan can be FORGIVEN if the loan is used for payroll purposes (with limits and restrictions). This loan will be through banks and not SBA itself. For the second loan, it is important to make sure the organization has updated financials through February 2020 as well as a current list of employees, their positions and annual salary.
  • Lastly, on the links below for information regarding the Payroll Protection loan application. It is important to get an application in quickly:

April 3, 2020

As we continue to have online meetings and other communications with the worldwide Clubhouse community, we gather additional innovative and creative strategies that Clubhouses are implementing to meet the evolving needs of members during this time.

  • Click here to see Issue #3 of our Tips & Strategies for Clubhouses
  • Click here to see many new ideas added to our Virtual Communities page!

GOOD NEWS FROM THIS WEEK:We are spending more time talking to each other and as a result we are deepening our relationships.”

  • Clubhouses in many states/countries are successfully working together to ensure continued funding for Clubhouses through this crisis.
  • One Clubhouse reported that their new staff are really seeing what it means that the Clubhouse community can support members in a powerful, direct and immediate way. This experience is helping staff and members more fully understand the depth and meaning of Clubhouse relationships.
  • A Clubhouse member said that she never understood how life-giving her connection with her Clubhouse community was until this crisis, and that it is the Clubhouse community that is now helping her to maintain her sense of security and hope as this crisis unfolds.
  • Clubhouses are finding that some members who have not been coming to the Clubhouse for long periods of time, are reconnecting through this current effort. Some have said that they will return to the Clubhouse when the crisis is over.
  • The COVID-19 crisis has inspired creativity and innovation in Clubhouse communities, and reignited their sense of the importance of community.
  • Clubhouses are finding that they are invigorated and inspired and finding new ways to express the deepest values of our Standards.

Thank you to Clubhouses in the following states/countries that joined our regional update calls last week, and shared your strategies and tips: Canada, Pennsylvania, Florida, Genesis Club, (Massachusetts), North Carolina, AIM Center (Tennessee), B’More Clubhouse, Maryland, Gateway (Ohio), Oklahoma, Nebraska, Australia, Wyoming, Colorado, Norway, Hawaii

March 31, 2020.

FIND THEM HERE! New Strategies for Forming a Virtual Clubhouse!

PLEASE CLICK HERE to find a compilation of suggestions for implementing a Virtual Clubhouse, gathered from many Clubhouses, coalitions, and our Training Bases. As it looks as if this situation may continue for some time, we will continue to update you with new strategies as we move ahead into this unknown terrain of this ‘new normal.’

Click Here to View this Important Message to the Clubhouse Community

March 15, 2020. Clubhouse International, Clubhouse Europe and Fountain House are coordinating efforts to monitor the status of the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak so we can share vital information with our community and will continue to do so over the coming weeks and months. We understand that this epidemic strikes directly at the heart of our model that is built on social connection, but we must make difficult decisions quickly, as the choices we make in the next week will have a significant impact on the speed and scale of spread of this virus, especially within our tightly knit and more vulnerable Clubhouse communities.

Social distancing is critical for curbing the pandemic. Most importantly, that means Clubhouses around the world must prepare action plans for decreasing on-site programming, and possibly closing their physical locations to reduce the risk of transmission for members and the broader community.

The time to act is NOW. We do not want Clubhouses to be in a position where they are FORCED to close by their governments without a plan to remain connected and provide essential services to their members.

What is the potential impact on members from COVID-19? Many if not most of our community members are at elevated risk of more severe symptoms and of complications from COVID-19 infection. That includes those over 60; members with chronic physical illnesses such as respiratory disease, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases, and active smokers are also at higher risk of developing more severe illness and complications. For everyone, the coronavirus epidemic and related coverage can increase anxiety and stress, and so focusing on wellbeing is important, including physical activity, healthy eating, and sleep.

What has been the impact on Clubhouses? Global confirmed cases of COVID-19 now approach 150,000. The impact on Clubhouse programs that we know about, in China, South Korea and Italy have been significant – resulting in Clubhouse closures and reduced services that impact more than thousands of Clubhouse members.

What must Clubhouses do? Clubhouses around the world are being asked to work with members and staff to devise action plans and communications to mitigate the risks that possible disruption of services can lead to.

Considerations that must be taken in all decision-making should include impacts on:

  • Highest risk members
    • Age >60 and/or
    • Chronic respiratory illness (asthma, COPD, etc.)
    • Cardiovascular disease (heart disease, heart failure, history of stroke)
    • Diabetes
    • Kidney disease
    • Immune deficiency (autoimmune conditions, HIV, cancer)
  • Access to basic needs, such as food and hygiene supplies for members
  • Access to technology to ensure that members adequately stay connected without a physical gathering space
  • Communications – how are members going to find out about changes to services and potential closures? (e.g., email, social media, phone trees, home visits, etc.)
  • Mobile outreach – making sure to have precise physical addresses for all members. (e.g. not just P.O. boxes, streets or apartment complexes)
  • Staffing – what will happen if essential staff become sick or are required to quarantine?

What are some practical examples of what Clubhouses are doing to communicate and reduce risk? As an example, Fountain House has done the following:

  • Created a COVID-19 Task Force of members and staff that connects multiple times a week.
  • Created phased draw-down plan to reduce physical attendance at the Clubhouse and to increase 1:1 outreach and digital tools for connection; action plan created for Clubhouse closure and switch to virtual services
  • Ensured that staff and peers doing 1:1 home visits, especially to high-risk members, have access to masks and gloves (PPE – personal protective equipment), maintain meal delivery (meals on wheels) and medication delivery and support.
  • Disseminated communications to members and staff in a structured, weekly format (printed sheets following standard format, weekly meetings).
  • Asked high-risk members to avoid attending the Clubhouse in-person, and have provided additional supports to remain connected, such as increased phone calls and digital outreach.
  • Implemented daily sanitization schedule in line with WHO and CDC
  • Provided internal guidance for social practitioners to proactively screen members in units and throughout the Clubhouse to make sure they are staying healthy.
  • Expanded PROACTIVE reach out calls and coordinated basic supplies (including food and hygiene items, if necessary) for members so they can self-quarantine safely and effectively.
  • Required non-social practitioner staff to work from home or limit time in the clubhouse.
  • Developed necessary protocols and action plans if residences need to be quarantined.
  • Stopped all official Fountain House travel out of state, and have asked staff to limit personal travel.
  • Engaged digital tech solutions to create a temporary virtual unit. “Virtual Fountain House” (Facebook, Slack, conference calls, etc.)

We are here to help and are a resource to the Clubhouse community. We will plan to share messages weekly. We have also created a help desk where you can reach out with any direct questions or support you might need for your Clubhouse response to COVID-19, including resources such as weekly message templates. Please contact us at We stand ready to help as much as possible.


Ashwin Vasan, M.D., PhD, President and CEO, Fountain House, Assistant Professor, Mailman School of Public Health and Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons at Columbia Universit

Joel D. Corcoran, M.Ed, Executive Director, Clubhouse International

Wander ReitsmaChair, Clubhouse Europe

More About COVID-19

What are the symptoms of COVID-19? The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, tiredness, and dry cough. Some people may have aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea. These symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually. Some people become infected but don’t develop any symptoms and don’t feel unwell. Typically, it can be 5-6 days after exposure before symptoms appear, and illness usually lasts 2-3 weeks. People with fever, cough and difficulty breathing should seek medical attention. Unless it is a true emergency, please CALL your local health provider first, before presenting, as we predict our global healthcare systems will be under enormous strain during this pandemic.

How can I reduce the risk of exposure or transmission?

  • Social distancing: reduce the number of contacts you have with people outside of your family. Keep a minimum 6 foot distance from people when interacting
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue, cloth or sleeve when sneezing or coughing — do not use your hands.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds on all sides, or use an alcohol-based (minimum 70% alcohol) hand sanitizer if hand washing is unavailable.
  • Do not touch your face or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Do not share food, drink or eating utensils with others
  • Regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched items and surfaces, such as phones, computers, bathrooms and doorknobs.
  • If you are a smoker, stop using or limit cigarettes and vaping.
  • Stay home if you do not feel well, especially if you have a fever (>100.4F) or active cough, and seek medical care
  • Keep healthy! Eat well, get sleep, minimize alcohol or substance intake, and exercise. Running and swimming are safe, but avoid crowded gym locker rooms

For the most up-to-date resources, information and guidance on the coronavirus epidemic, please consult the WHO website at:

Click here to view and download “Clubhouses and Coronavirus: Tips and Strategies

March 14, 2020. As a worldwide network of Clubhouse communities, we depend on one another for support and advice. With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to evolve in most of our countries, Clubhouse International has been gathering strategies that Clubhouses and others have identified as helpful to face this challenge.

As a reminder: we are postponing scheduled accreditation visits and meetings in March and April, 2020.

We have organized below some information here that we hope will be helpful. While we are certainly not experts, we do offer these ideas for your consideration. Please use your best judgement and monitor the advice from the most reliable government and official local health authorities.

We are especially grateful to Phoenix Clubhouse, Hong Kong SAR, PRC; Hope Clubhouse, People’s Republic of China; Dandelion Clubhouse, People’s Republic of China; Potential Place, Alberta, Canada; and HERO House NW, Washington, USA; B’More Clubhouse, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Fountain House, New York, New York, USA for sharing their Clubhouse’s strategies.


For the most up-to-date resources, information and guidance on the coronavirus epidemic, we recommend that you consult the following resources. There is a lot of information here that you can use to educate your community and inform your decisions during this time.


Some Clubhouses are posting signs and/or sending other communications to staff and members. Here is an example:

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we need your help to keep our Clubhouse as safe as possible. The greatest risk is from close contact with other people who have coronavirus. If you feel unwell with any cold or flu-like systems (coughing, fever, etc.) please stay at home to help yourself recover and protect others.

While you are at home:

  • Please be in frequent contact with us at the Clubhouse. We care about you and want to know how you are doing and how we might help. Call us, email us, text us, connect on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat or other social media.
  • Maintain a healthy routine of eating well, exercise, and sleep.
  • Engage in activities that you enjoy.
  • Stay in touch with family and friends.
  • Avoid spending too much time monitoring news about the virus if you find it upsetting.
  • Continue any healthcare plans you have in place.
  • Continue to practice good hygiene and prevention (e.g. social distancing, hand washing, regularly clean surfaces, and follow good food preparation practices, etc.).

When you come in to the Clubhouse:

  • Please make sure you wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use hand sanitizer.
  • Use our wet wipes to wipe the desks, keyboards, tables etc. that you use.
  • Help us to keep door handles and all commonly used objects and spaces clean.
  • Try your best to not touch your face (eyes, mouth, nose), as this is the way a virus can be transferred from an infected surface to your body.
  • Catch any coughs and sneezes in a tissue, throw it away immediately, and wash/disinfect your hands.
  • If you do not have a tissue ready, make sure you cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Avoid hand shaking. Some people are substituting tapping each other’s ankles, or simply using a small bow, as a greeting. Keep a safe distance where possible.
  • Help other members be mindful about all the above.

If you have returned from coronavirus affected areas abroad, or think you might have been in contact with someone that has it, please check government websites for advice, or call to speak with Clubhouse staff. We hope we can all work together to limit the spread and keep our community informed. Take care!


The Academy at Glengary, Florida, USA, produced a PowerPoint presentation for use at Clubhouse meetings, to educate and inform the Clubhouse community. Please feel free to use these slides and customize them for your own Clubhouse use. Click here to open the presentation.


If your Clubhouse operations are limited or suspended temporarily, the following are some examples of Clubhouse’s efforts to maintain contact with members.

Hope Clubhouse, People’s Republic of China, used WeChat and daily telephone calls to all members. The Clubhouse also prepared videos regarding epidemic prevention, health eating suggestions, online English classes, information about exercise, and general recovery principles. These videos were regularly shared throughout the Clubhouse community, to help maintain a sense of connection and community.

Dandelion Clubhouse, People’s Republic of China, also did a great deal of online support. This included:

  • In WeChat, we share recipes for delicious food. Members review recipes with each other and do the cooking in each person’s home, and then communicate online.
  • We have a WeChat public account. We provide scientific articles about the epidemic on this account that our whole Clubhouse community can access. This helps educate us about the epidemic and how best to protect ourselves.
  • We have developed an online support team, where we share our opinions about the coronavirus and express our emotions.
  • In all, we are together, and there is no difficulty we can’t handle.
  • And also, we are together with you, the international Clubhouse community!

B’More Clubhouse, Baltimore, Maryland, offers these ideas:

  • Have two regularly scheduled Clubhouse-wide meetings each day, via conference call, in the morning and afternoon when regular house or unit meetings generally occur. Provide a dial-in number that can be accessed by the whole community.
  • Staff will reach out to members on a regular basis, via phone and in-person visits. Staff will ensure that members basic community support needs are being met, even when the Clubhouse is temporarily closed.

Other reach out suggestions include:

  • Create a virtual newsletter, with members and staff submitting articles, that is distributed to the whole community on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Develop a shopping trip schedule, so all members can have access to rides to stores to buy food and other supplies.
  • Create some social program activities that can be done online. These might include:
  • Host discussion groups.
  • Have an online exercise group on a daily basis.
  • Watch a movie or television show together, over people’s phones or computers.


HERO House NW, Washington, USA developed a comprehensive preparedness plan that might of help to Clubhouses as you create your own plan. HERO HOUSE NW CONTINGENCY PLAN

Potential Place Clubhouse, Canada developed a comprehensive preparedness plan that might of help to Clubhouses as you create your own plan. POTENTIAL PLACE RESPONSE PLAN


All of the Clubhouses that have shared their plans with us agree that whatever decisions they are making in their communities, the most important messages are:

  • Decisions are being made from a place of care and concern
  • The Clubhouse will continue to be diligent in staying apprised of developing information and will adjust accordingly.
  • The Clubhouse (whether opened or closed) will remain connected to members throughout this challenge.

We encourage Clubhouses to also remain connected to the larger network of Clubhouses in your region, coalition, and/or country.

March 12, 2020: As we all continue to learn more about this fast evolving situation regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic and make the necessary adjustments in our work and daily life, we want to be in touch with you again. At Clubhouse International we continue to monitor the advice and direction from expert healthcare, scientific and government organizations and we are making necessary adjustments to our activity and operations. At this point, we are postponing scheduled accreditation visits and meetings in March and April. In the coming weeks we may extend these postponements and other planned trainings, meetings and travel plans. We will be in touch with those Clubhouses and individuals involved as we adjust our plans.

In the meantime, we ask that you consider delaying making travel arrangements for Clubhouse International related activities and events as long as possible. This may help avoid unnecessary expenses and complications. Please contact us if you have specific questions or concerns.

We would also like to share this article from our partners at Fountain House in New York. Fountain House is the largest Clubhouse in the world. They have some unique challenges compared to other Clubhouses. However, they also have more people with experience and expertise in both public health and Clubhouse management and culture. Therefore, Fountain House and Clubhouse International together thought it might be useful to share a recent communication Fountain House provided to its community. It has clear and specific information and guidance that you may find useful for your Clubhouse. We are grateful to Fountain House for making this available.

We also encourage you to stay in touch with us and let us know if you have any strategies or communication materials that may be helpful to others in the Clubhouse International community.

Best wishes for health and safety to all.

March 6, 2013: In response to the continuing spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we have been carefully monitoring reports from both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). While we are aware that the immediate risk of the virus is relatively low for the general public, we have been in touch with many Clubhouses on an individual basis and wanted to forward the information below to all member Clubhouses.

CDC has issued ongoing guidance regarding the virus, and related to avoiding non-essential travel to certain areas, states and countries. It is Clubhouse International’s hope that our training and accreditation work will not be affected, but we will continue to monitor this developing situation to assess whether any action may become necessary. To date, we have not yet had to cancel any scheduled accreditation visits.

Please feel free to contact us directly with any specific questions or issues you or your Clubhouse might have in this regard.

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