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New Faculty Training at Genesis Club
July 1, 2016

Clubhouse International recently completed a one-week intensive training for prospective Faculty members from 12 Clubhouses located in various regions of the United States. We are grateful to Genesis Club in Worcester, MA for hosting the training and are pleased to announce that we have 14 new Faculty members! Please welcome:

  • Jen Cardenas, San Antonio Clubhouse, Texas
  • Karen Christ, Genesis Club, Massachusetts
  • Lisa Dembrosky, Wellspring Clubhouse, Pennsylvania
  • Kailey Fielder-Gohlke, HERO House, Washington
  • Michael Hamlin, Fountain House, New York
  • Lee Kellogg, Clubhouse International
  • Kerri Kief, Neponset River House, Massachusetts
  • Valerie Lambert, Looking Ahead Clubhouse, Maine
  • Willene Leffall, Crossroads, Oklahoma
  • Elizabeth Padilla, Lantern House, New York
  • Anna Park, Alliance House, Utah
  • Luis Rivas, Club Success, Florida
  • Joe Shaffer, Fountain House, New York
  • Linda Williams, San Antonio Clubhouse, Texas

As the interest in Accreditation continues to grow across the world, Clubhouse International is looking to host our next Faculty training in Europe in October of 2016. More information about this training will be forthcoming. 

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