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Ukraine Fund Is Making a Difference for Refugees with Mental Illness
May 10, 2023

In response to the humanitarian crisis created by the war in Ukraine, the Clubhouse International Ukraine Fund was established for the global Clubhouse community to come together and support our colleagues who are on the front lines trying to meet the needs of refugees with a mental illness.

We are pleased to say that we exceeded our goal, raising a total of $30,300. This successful campaign was recently featured in Business Insider; click here to view the article!

  • Seed funding totaling $11,000 was generously provided by members of the Clubhouse International Board of Directors, as well as a match.
  • Thank you to everyone who helped make this support possible. Together, we are demonstrating the power and love of the Clubhouse community towards our colleagues in Poland and the people of Ukraine. Now, more than ever, mental health care should be accessible to anyone in need.

What the Clubhouse International Ukraine Fund is Providing

Prior to the war, Clubhouse International had been in communication with individuals in Ukraine interested in starting a Clubhouse, and we are continuing our efforts to support the group.

Our immediate need is to support Warszawski Dom pod Fontanna, an Accredited Clubhouse located in Warsaw, in their work to meet the needs of Ukrainian refugees who have experienced a mental illness.

The numbers are overwhelming.

With support from the Clubhouse International Ukraine Fund, Clubhouse colleagues in Poland are working to:

  • Produce a brochure, translated into Ukrainian, to be widely distributed among refugee centers which will share existing resources for people living with a serious mental illness, including psychiatric and pharmaceutical as well as therapeutic needs.
  • Provide translation services for those refugees seeking access to mental health support, community and related recovery services at the Clubhouse.
  • Ensure Clubhouse space is available, not just for individual refugees seeking Clubhouse services but also for self-help groups, translation support, networking, and community support services in helping refugees navigate local existing local services.

We are working closely with leadership on the ground in Warsaw (at the Clubhouse and local agencies) to meet the needs of people living with mental illness even as this humanitarian crisis unfolds. The numbers of refugees, and their needs, grow daily.

Warszawski Dom pod Fontanna, an Accredited Clubhouse located in Warsaw, is working to help Ukrainian refugees.
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