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The Clubhouse Community Mourns the Recent Loss of Hanne Juul
August 5, 2023

The Clubhouse community mourns the recent loss of an extraordinary leader of the Clubhouse movement, Hanne Juul.

Hanne’s unwavering dedication and longtime contributions to our work embracing and supporting people living with mental illness as they worked towards recovery, made a meaningful difference in the lives of many. 

Hanne was the driving force in the start of several Clubhouses in Denmark and a leader of the Danish Clubhouse Coalition. Hanne was the Director of Kildehuset Clubhouse in Aalborg, Denmark for 20 years, an active member of the Clubhouse Advisory Council, and in retirement, a member of the Clubhouse International Board of Directors. Throughout her expansive career, Hanne helped build and strengthen our worldwide network.

Hanne was a true fire soul who worked tirelessly to provide the best possible conditions for members and staff to learn and thrive. We will miss Hanne dearly, but her legacy will live on through the countless lives she touched and the contributions she made to the Clubhouse movement.

Pictured: Hanne with the late Clubhouse leader, Rudyard Propst

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