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How Work WORKS at Clubhouses

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The Challenge:

Inequality for people living with mental illness, and the challenges they face as they seek to obtain and maintain gainful employment and fully integrate with society.

The Solution:

Clubhouse Transitional, Supported and Independent Employment Programs. These programs are effective strategies for helping Clubhouse members return to paid employment, which is a gateway to recovery.

The Outcomes:

  • Better employment rates -- 42% at Accredited Clubhouses annually – double the average rate for people in the public mental health system public mental health system.
  • A road to permanent employment for Clubhouse Members: Here is one example from Fontenehuset i Oslo in Norway: Mental health problems had made it difficult for Marit to work for 12 years, but, with the help of her local Clubhouse, she got a transitional job and eventually a permanent job in her desired and trained profession as a Pharmacy Technician. She later said, "If someone had said when I entered the Clubhouse that I would end up in a permanent job again, I would not have believed it."
  • And positive outcomes for Employers: "Partnering with Potential Place Clubhouse has been amazing on so many levels. We have had great success with the individuals who have joined our team - we have hired Michael on permanently as the associates on my staff couldn't bear to see him go. He is such a great team member!!!" Arlene Gillespie, General Manager, Staples, BC, Canada

Here's What YOU Can Do

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