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About Mental Illness - Clubhouse International

Did you know mental illness is more prevalent than cancer, diabetes or heart disease?

Behavioral health disorders are now #1 cause of disability worldwide, surpassing all other illnesses.

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Mental Illness by the Numbers

1 in 4


around the world suffer from mental disorders — more than cancer, diabetes or heart disease.


teens at risk

Half of those with mental disorders show signs of the disease by age 14, but it often takes more than 10 years to get treatment.

450 million


worldwide have some type of mental disorder.

90 suicides

every hour

Nearly 2,200 people/day (800,000/year) die by suicide—90% related to mental disorders.

360,000 people

with mental illness are housed in under-equipped US jails 35,000 are in hospitals

Inadequate Healthcare

Mental illness accounts for 20% of the global burden of disease. Only 3% of the world’s healthcare budgets goes to mental health needs

$2.5 trillion/year

in costs

Spent directly and indirectly on mental illness. We will spend $6 trillion by 2030 worldwide, more than heart disease, cancer and diabetes

The Facts About Mental Illness

Disability and mortality resulting from mental illness around the world may be underestimated by more than a third

it’s been estimated that mental illness for 21.2% of years of life lived with disability worldwide.
But a new analysis suggests mental illness may account for 32.4% of the burden.

NEW statistics suggest mental illness may account for 32.4% of the global burden of mental illness vs. 21.2% previously estimated—more than a third higher.

Source: Vigo D, Thornicroft G, Atun R. Estimating the True Global Burden of Mental Illness. Lancet Psychiatry. 2016; 3: 171-78.

Top ten sources of time lost to disability globally from all medical causes by percentage

Mental and behavioral disorders26%
Musculoskeletal diseases14%
Neurological and sense-organ conditions13%
Infectious diseases8%
Nutritional deficiencies7%
Respiratory diseases7%
Endocrine, blood, and immune disorders; diabetes4%
Cardiovascular diseases3%
Genitourinary diseases3%

Mental and behavioral disorders account for the most time lost to disability—more than any other kind of disease.

Source: World Health Organization, 2012.

Donate Today to Help

Donate Today to Help

Clubhouses powerfully demonstrate that people with mental illness can and do lead productive, happy lives. Each Clubhouse we open touches +/- 500 people in need!

Open a Clubhouse Image

Open a Clubhouse

Help ensure that people living with mental illness in your area have a place to go and support to find jobs, education, housing and a new lease on life.

Find a Clubhouse Near You

Find a Clubhouse Near You

Imagine if you had a place to go where you felt accepted, understood, hopeful AND that helped you get a job, go back to school or find a home. That is what Clubhouses offer.


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