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Mark Glickman on recovery and his Clubhouse experience
December 1, 2012

psychiatryonline.org – December, 2012

Summary: Mark Glickman, ICCD Board Member, recently wrote about his recovery and his Clubhouse experience. He began his journey with mental illness at the age of 18 and over the years experienced hospitalizations, therapy and disabling depression. In 1973, he arrived at Fountain House in New York and gradually began a long and painful recovery. Mark eventually had several successful transitional employment jobs, found his own job and later went back to graduate school at age 40 to study broadcast journalism. He made a documentary about the Fountain House program and co-authored a book. “I had to regain my confidence, my courage, and my basic sense of competency…I believe that clubhouses offer an ideal environment to fulfill one’s potential.” Download full article.

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