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Clubhouse International Partners with Fountain House to Launch Healing Minds, Powering Communities Campaign
May 4, 2023

Clubhouse International, in partnership with Fountain House (NY, USA) and other US advocacy organizations, has launched a multi-year US National Advocacy and Awareness Campaign, Healing Minds, Powering Communities, to effect policy change, increase public funding and expand access to proven, community-based solutions such as the Clubhouse Model of psychosocial rehabilitation. Click here to view our press release.

To kick off the campaign, we’re planning a Community Mental Health Week of Action for the week of May 24-31, where participating Clubhouses will open their doors to elected officials, community leaders and members of their local media to show them why the Clubhouse Model works, and to tell them why we need policies supporting psychosocial rehabilitation and funding for mental health. 

Research Reveals ‘Mental Health’ as Priority Issue for Voters

Fountain House (NY, USA) spearheaded a bipartisan research project which demonstrates that an overwhelming majority of voters across partisan lines support increasing funding for programs that address serious mental illness (SMI).

The national survey, focus groups, and stakeholder interviews — conducted by Lake Research Partners, Black Raspberry Consumer Insights, and Chesapeake Beach Consulting — sought to gauge what Americans think about mental health care and its electoral impact.

Findings show that voters support increasing funding for programs that address serious mental illness and understand that stigma plays an outsized role in the lack of policy and programs to support people living with mental illness. Click here for more information on the national survey.

Clubhouse International is committed to continuing to lead in the effort of providing accessible recovery opportunities to anyone with lived experience of a mental illness by integrating the Clubhouse approach into health systems around the world,” said Joel D. Corcoran, Executive Director and CEO of Clubhouse International. “We are proud to partner in bringing the Healing Minds, Powering Communities advocacy campaign to the U.S.-based Clubhouses to effect policy change that prioritizes person-centered mental health care, and to increase funding for mental health services, such as the Clubhouse Model. This campaign will be instrumental in helping Clubhouses to advocate for their programs. The recent bipartisan research is an important validation for the Clubhouse network and supports what we see every day, that communities benefit from having a Clubhouse. Our vision is that one day there is a Clubhouse in every community.”

We are proud to partner in this multi-year, collaborative effort to leverage the voice of lived experience; to advocate for community-based approaches to addressing serious mental illness; to expand access to proven interventions and preventative measures; and grow and sustain a movement that reduces stigma and discrimination for people living with SMI.

We are very excited to share in this campaign and look forward to our collective action!

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