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Contact Clubhouse International

Clubhouse International
845 Third Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, New York 10022

General Inquiries:
Call us at 212.582.0343 or

e-mail us at info@clubhouse-intl.org

Inquiries about Clubhouse Operations, New Clubhouse Development, Membership and Training programs:

Jack Yatsko: jyatsko@clubhouse-intl.org, 808.651.8598

Inquiries about Clubhouse Accreditation:

Anita Brix Lambaek: abrix@clubhouse-intl.org, +45 29655603

For Information about Contributions and Volunteering:

Teri Chadwick: tchadwick@clubhouse-intl.org212.583.1275 or

Anna Sackett Rountree: asackett@clubhouse-intl.org, 212.582.0343

For Media Inquiries:

Joel Corcoran: jdcorcoran@clubhouse-intl.org, 212.582.0343

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