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  • Supporting Mental Health Awareness

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  • For Over 25 Years...

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  • 1 in 4 people worldwide has a mental illness.

    If we had more Clubhouses, we could do so much more.

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  • Do you know someone who is living with mental illness?

    Clubhouses can help change their lives.

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  • Mental illness can strike when you least expect it.

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    Food Service at Vail Place Clubhouse, Minnesota USA

Creating Community:
Changing the World of Mental Health

There simply are not enough resources today for everyone with a mental illness who needs help. It’s a crisis situation and the numbers are growing. We help start and grow Clubhouses globally where people can go to get their lives back.

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First VIRTUAL New Clubhouse Development Training Held!

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Mattie: "A Clubhouse Is Invaluable to Anyone with a Serious Mental Disorder"

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Clubhouse Model Included in New World Health Organization Guidance on Mental Health Services

Clubhouse International welcomes and supports the launch of the World Health Organization (WHO) Guidance on community mental health services: Promoting person-centered and rights-based approaches. We are pleased that the Clubhouse Model of psychosocial rehabilitation is included in the WHO guidance and technical packages, and that our Training Center, Phoenix Clubhouse in Hong Kong, is identified as an example of community-based mental health services that are following good practices.

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What is a Clubhouse? Learn More about the Clubhouse Model and How It Works!

A Clubhouse is a free, community-based membership organization aimed at helping people living with mental illness around the world regain a respected place in society through work, education, wellness and community. Shown above: Hero House NW, Washington, USA. Click on the link below to read more about how they pulled together as a community through the pandemic on our Clubhouse Victories page.

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American Psychiatric Association Honors Clubhouse International

Clubhouse International was deeply honored to receive the Special Presidential Commendation Award at the American Psychiatric Association (APA) 2021 Annual Meeting. The prestigious award was presented by Jeffrey Geller, M.D., M.P.H. during the 65th Convocation of Distinguished Fellows. The award recognizes the evidence-based, cost-effective Clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation as a leading recovery resource for people living with mental illness around the world.

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Stephen Colbert Recognizes Our Mental Health Recovery Work

Clubhouse International appreciates the generous gift made by The Stephen Colbert Americone Dream Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC. The fund supports charities of concern to Stephen Colbert. The contribution will help us continue our work bridging the gap to mental health recovery via resources and opportunities for our Clubhouse members around the world. We all scream for ice cream!

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Prime Minister of Norway Endorses Clubhouse!

We appreciate the tremendous support for Clubhouses from the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, who said, "You represent a community that is good to belong to...You offer a gathering place and a social community with structure and everyday routines. It is absolutely priceless. The need for such offers is particularly evident during the corona pandemic where everyone is more vulnerable to loneliness and isolation." Photo: Thomas Haugersveen.

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Addressing Racism and Social Injustice

Executive Director Joel D. Corcoran has released a statement addressing the ongoing issues of racism and social injustice in our society, saving: " response to the social virus of systemic racism, we must all now sharpen our focus, raise our voices and join the movement for change. Most importantly, we can choose love and kindness over hate and fear."

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There is significant research substantiating the effectiveness of the Clubhouse model and the added benefits of Clubhouse Accreditation.

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career opportunities

Independence Center seeks Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist, Clubhouse Model

Position based in St. Louis, MO

Genesis House seeks Clubhouse Employment Specialist

Position based in Fowlerville, MI

Our Impact

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*Statistics for 2014

proven model works everywhere


people/year are reached by 320+ Clubhouses in 34 countries

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employment rate at Accredited Clubhouses annually – double the rate for people in the public mental health system

cost effective

One year of holistic recovery services are delivered to Clubhouse members for the same cost as a 2-week psychiatric hospital stay

reduced incarcerations

Criminal justice system involvement is substantially diminished during and after Clubhouse membership

Donate Today to Help

Clubhouses powerfully demonstrate that people with mental illness can and do lead productive, happy lives. Each Clubhouse we open touches +/- 500 people in need!


Open a Clubhouse

Help ensure that people living with mental illness in your area have a place to go and support to find jobs, education, housing and a new lease on life.


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Imagine if you had a place to go where you felt accepted, understood, hopeful AND that helped you get a job, go back to school or find a home. That is what Clubhouses offer.

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