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New Clubhouse Research Supports Advocacy
February 19, 2024

We are very pleased to introduce a new research tool for Clubhouses: the Transforming Lives: Clubhouse Impact Report summarizes the most compelling research on the Clubhouse Model. Created by Dr. Joy Agner and her team at the University of Southern California, this visual report integrates findings from 15 rigorous, peer-reviewed studies conducted between 1999 and 2021 into an integrated theory of change, depicted as follows:

The presentations include individual slides that illustrate each area of impact, for example:

The purpose of the Clubhouse Impact Report is to increase access to high quality Clubhouse research in a user-friendly, visual, simple format. It can be presented to multiple audiences such as policy makers, fellow social service or mental health organizations, potential members, funders, or researchers planning a new study.

To enhance usability, we have created multiple versions that allow modification and tailoring. This includes:

  • A modifiable slide deck where the report can be augmented through member stories and personalized information. The slide deck includes speaker notes, additional study details, and suggestions for tailoring it.
  • Individual slide images that can be used as graphics in a report, on social media, or on other platforms to highlight a particular finding.
  • A standard pdf version that can be sent out in mailers or via email.
  • A detailed summary of included studies. For those seeking further information on included studies, the summary table has all measures, constructs, and findings at a much higher level of detail.

To access all of these resources, fill out this Interest Form and read the Rules of Use. For any questions or comments on the Transforming Lives: Clubhouse Impact Report please contact Dr. Joy Agner (agner@usc.edu) or Lee Kellogg (lkellogg@clubhouse-intl.org).

Clubhouses can also login to their Clubhouse International Portal account to view and download the customizable report, as well as a sample of the comprehensive slide deck that shows how it has been tailored by an individual Clubhouse. We encourage all Clubhouses to take advantage of this resource to promote their services and programs as a local Clubhouse, as well as a member of the Clubhouse International network.

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