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World Seminar 2022 Trains and Connects 600 Participants
November 23, 2022

At our recent World Seminar, over 600 Clubhouse colleagues representing almost 170 Clubhouses from 14 countries and 32 US states gathered for five information-packed days with eight plenaries and 47 workshops, and networking opportunities.

Following the Seminar, we hosted a two-day Virtual Event for anyone not able to attend the in-person Seminar and who were interested in learning about Clubhouse and mental health care best practices, tips and strategies.

At the in-person Seminar, we were honored to be joined by many Clubhouse voices and mental health advocates from around the world, including: Keynote speaker, Dévora Kestel, World Health Organization; Baltimore, MD, USA Mayor, Brandon Scott; Melissa Harris, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; and Clubhouse International’s leader, Robby Vorspan.

We were thrilled to welcome our keynote speaker, Dévora Kestel, Director of Mental Health and Substance Use, World Health Organization! Dévora Kestel has more than thirty years of international experience in Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, implementing and advising governments on national policies related to mental health systems. She is a strong advocate for the rights of people with mental health issues. Since joining WHO in 2000, Dévora Kestel has worked at country, subregional and regional levels, in WHO and PAHO. In 2015, she became the Mental Health and Substance Use Unit Chief at PAHO. The different positions she occupied and challenges she faced, give her a privileged perspective to now undertake global responsibilities. Dévora is a great friend of Clubhouse International and supporter of the Clubhouse approach to recovery.

We were also pleased that Melissa HarrisDeputy Director for the Disabled and Elderly Health Programs Group, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services joined a roundtable discussion focused on how Medicaid funding works with Clubhouses. Melissa has previously worked with Clubhouse International, helping to better understand US Medicaid funding and bridge gaps for Clubhouses seeking Medicaid funding in their respective states. 

The World Seminar incorporated an array of plenary sessions, workshops, roundtables, interactive forums, and other opportunities for innovative learning. This year’s topics included exploration of the fundamentals of Clubhouse practice and values and introduced cutting-edge advances in our global Clubhouse network, including:

  • How to hire, inspire, and keep great staff
  • Introducing: The Clubhouse Wellness Toolkit!
  • Becoming the ‘Best Known Solution’ instead of the ‘Best Kept Secret’
  • Members need homes – not just housing: upping the ante and raising our expectations
  • Activating and energizing our Clubhouse Coalitions: strategies for maximum success
  • Pushing the envelope: how can Clubhouses embrace even greater diversity, equity, inclusion?
  • Talking the talk: innovations in successful Clubhouse branding and marketing
  • Partners in your community: strategies for growing effective relationships in your town or city
  • Hybrid programming: ensuring it is actually helping Clubhouse members!
  • Our precious Clubhouse history: mining our memories to strengthen our future
  • How to effectively advocate for Clubhouses and the rights of people living with mental illness
  • Work Works! Developing strong employment programs

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