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Member Stories

There is a Place for Us
April 28, 2023

Fatou, Fountain House Stockholm

(click here to read Fatou’s story in Swedish)

We who have felt bad or feel bad are not left out.

I was sick and unwell. Stayed at Sankt Göran for 2 months. Administrator via the Social Services suggested Fountain House. I wanted to get out in the community. The first time I came for a new visit and I was warmly welcomed by Jackie and Elin. I felt it was a place for me. I started coming almost every day and became a member from February 2019. When I arrived I started in the office. The tasks I did were bulletin, statistics and I was part of the young adult group. This summer I went on many excursions. Through all this I have evolved.

Through all this I have evolved.

When I got to the clubhouse, I felt safe and I wanted to work. Over time, I realized that I was getting better and better. I then chose to start at the job market to be able to apply for different jobs and at the same time I came to the house. I told the supervisor on the way out that I wanted to go to work. I received help and support from supervisors and members. Members came up with various tips on jobs.

FH does something nice for one’s personal development.

Today I work at a nursing home and I got the job through Robin, a member of the house. I enjoy my new job, but when I have time I visit Fountain House to hang out with members and supervisors. In this way, I regained my self-confidence and myself. Today I am the person I once was and like it a lot. I am the one who wants to work, get a family, be happy and fight every day. I want to give something back to society and I am doing it right now. With each passing day, I get stronger.

I received a warm welcome.

I want to tell others about Fountain House. It is a special place that does something nice for one’s personal development. You get closer to the community in a safe way by being a member of Fountain House. We who have felt bad or feel bad are not left out, but there is a place for us. I have met amazing people. I got to know members and supervisors as well as the manager who are incredibly nice. Fountain House is a place for everyone who feels that they have mental illness.

With each passing day, I get stronger.

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