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Successful and Schizophrenic
January 25, 2013

The New York Times – January 25, 2013

Summary: The New York Times recently published an Op-Ed article by law professor and author Elyn Saks, which highlights the fact that some people with severe mental illness are capable of high levels of achievement and happiness. Dr. Saks describes her life since being given a diagnosis of schizophrenia thirty years ago. Her diagnosis had been “grave” and she was left with little hope of living independently, working or living a full life. Today, she is a chaired professor at USC Gould School of Law, has an adjunct appointment in the department of psychiatry at USC medical school and has received a MacArthur Foundation genius grant. She also married in her mid-40s and leads a fulfilling personal life. She describes how she deals with the limitations of her mental illness on a daily basis, and the techniques she has learned to manage her symptoms. One of the most important techniques for her has been work and keeping her mind challenged and active. “…the work piece – using my mind – is my best defense. It keeps me focused, it keeps the demons at bay. My mind, I have come to say, is both my worst enemy and my best friend.” To read the entire article click here.

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