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Pathways Joins Charities' Elite
July 13, 2014

School’s out, but a Richmond organization that changes the lives of people struggling with mental illness just got an A. Pathways Clubhouse has earned a Four-Star Rating from Charity Intelligence Canada, which ranks how charities spend their money and the work they do. Pathways is the only Richmond-based organization in Canada to receive the Four-Star Rating – the highest rank possible, and joins the 15% of charities across Canada who made the grade.

“Charity Intelligence’s research has found charities that are exceptional. This list of 4-Star charities shows Canadians 72 charities that excel in accountability to donors, financial transparency and cost-efficiency. We hope Charity Intelligence’s ratings help donors get accurate, independent information in making important giving decisions”, Kate Bahen, Managing Director of Charity Intelligence. See article and Press Release.

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