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New U.S Congressional Clubhouse Caucus Founded: Exciting News and Potential for Growth of the Clubhouse Movement across the U.S.
March 12, 2024

Representative Ritchie Torres (NY-15) has announced the establishment of a congressional caucus, The Clubhouse Caucus, which will serve as a platform through which members of the U.S. Congress can advocate for enhanced mental health care by promoting the development and support of Clubhouses.

The new initiative marks a pivotal moment in our dedication to advancing mental health care and has the potential to open doors for many more impactful Clubhouse advocates.

“The Clubhouse Model has shown great success in empowering individuals and reintegrating them into society. Through this caucus, we will advocate for the expansion of Clubhouses across the country, ensuring that more Americans have access to the support they need.” Rep. Ritchie Torres

“…We are greatly encouraged by, and fully endorse, Congressman Torres’ endeavors to develop a bipartisan forum in an effort to expand the availability of Clubhouse Model programs throughout the country. The initiative will offer positive, holistic, life-changing opportunities for numerous individuals and communities impacted by mental illness. Clubhouse International stands ready to support and assist the work of the Clubhouse Caucus.” ~ Joel D. Corcoran, Executive Director and CEO, Clubhouse International

Click here to read the press release.

“We commend Rep. Torres for founding the Clubhouse Caucus and advancing mental illness recovery in a way that emphasizes the strength, dignity, and self-efficacy of people living with serious mental health conditions,” said Ken Zimmerman, CEO of Fountain House. “The Congressman has been a leading mental health advocate in government and we’re pleased to continue to work with him to expand the reach and impact of clubhouses across the country.”

“Thank you to my local congressman, Rep. Torres, for creating the first-ever bipartisan Clubhouse Caucus,” said Arvind Sooknanan, a member of Fountain House’s Bronx Clubhouse and a Director on Fountain House’s Board. “Because of his leadership, people with serious mental illness will finally be heard through the halls of Congress, ensuring that more of us can gain access to the community and resources that have made all the difference in my life.”

The newly formed caucus will promote the success of the Clubhouse Model in fostering individual empowerment, providing access to gainful employment and educational opportunities, facilitating social reintegration, and curbing healthcare expenses. It will actively push for its incorporation into U.S. national mental health systems to offer recovery opportunities and support to the more than 14 million Americans living with serious mental illness.

We look forward to supporting the Caucus alongside our Clubhouse network!

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