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Mosaic Clubhouse in London, England, to Resume Providing Training
July 13, 2014

Mosaic Clubhouse, one of the Clubhouse International Certified Training Bases, recently moved into a new building in a new location. As a result we are delighted to announce that Mosaic Clubhouse is now fully settled into its new home, and will resume providing training. Its first group in the new location will be a three-week Comprehensive Training, November 3-21 2014. The newly refurbished building is in Brixton SW9, which is a ten minute walk from the Brixton Underground Station and Rail Station and is also accessible by many buses.  Central London can be reached very quickly and easily from the Clubhouse.

Training colleagues will be accommodated at the recently renovated Travelodge in Penge, nearby Crystal Palace.

During Training at Mosaic Clubhouse, colleagues will benefit from immersion in a strong Clubhouse environment. In particular, Mosaic Clubhouse has a very effective Transitional Employment program; strong working partnerships with education providers; approximately 80% of the Clubhouse’s average daily attendance in educational programs and local schools; an exceptionally strong commitment to peer support among our members; and effective means of assisting members track their goals and progress.   

For more information, contact:

Lee Elliott
Employment, Information & Training Coordinator

Mosaic Clubhouse

65 Effra Road


SW2 1BZ 

email:  l.elliott@mosaic-clubhouse.org

web:   www.mosaic-clubhouse.org

Tel:  020 7924 9657

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