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Member Stories

Mimi & Phoenix
June 30, 2014

After studying for a few months, I found it too demanding. I started to accuse the teachers of all kinds of things, and could not concentrate during the class. I was then diagnosed with schizophrenia. My life turned into years of struggling with mental illness – going in and out of hospitals, spending too many Christmases in the hospital.

My mental illness not only affected my relationships with my friends and family, it also greatly hindered my work life. In my ten years of working, my history was very fragmented.

In 1998, Phoenix Clubhouse was set up. I was one of its earliest members.

Working in the clubhouse and on a Transitional Employment job give me job satisfaction and also help to rebuild my confidence and good relationships with people. I feel welcomed by the members of the clubhouse. They are willing to work with me and establish friendships.

After finishing my first Transitional Employment, I will try another TE and then look for other suitable jobs myself. I would also like to enroll some re-training course to further enrich my skills and knowledge.

I am grateful that the Clubhouse has offered me tremendous opportunities to grow and regain my confidence in a work environment.

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