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Member Stories

Meet Shakira
September 16, 2023

Meet Shakira, Clubhouse member and young adult mental health advocate, who is helping to move our community forward. 

Shakira’s story is a moving example of how our work to create recovery opportunities helps people living with mental illness reclaim their futures!

Shakira’s story:

I want to tell you about an incredible young woman, Shakira Harris.

Shakira stood up in front of 600 Clubhouse colleagues at our recent World Seminar to share her journey that began with suicidal attempts as a young teenager and has ended with an inspiring recovery.

As she aged out of foster care, a social worker at a local youth program introduced Shakira to B’More Clubhouse in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Shakira jumped into the Clubhouse with both feet. She came out of her bubble and gained self-confidence. But then, as sometimes happens, Shakira lost her way.

Thankfully, Shakira’s Clubhouse community didn’t give up on her. They kept reaching out, even if she didn’t respond. They reminded her that no matter what, the Clubhouse would be there to support her. She rediscovered her community. Most importantly, Shakira rediscovered herself.

“The Clubhouse is a place where you can be true to yourself and never have to worry about anyone stealing your joy or making decisions about what’s best in your own life.”

Our world is full of Shakiras. The details may be different, but the Clubhouse Model helps all members to deal with their difficulties and continue their journey with confidence and positivity for a bright future.

We create and connect communities where recovery and a bright future are possible.

Working with 330+ Clubhouses and nearly 60 Startup groups around the world, we work every day on behalf of members like Shakira.

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