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Duke Endowment Grant Spurs Expansion of Clubhouses in North and South Carolina
May 10, 2023

Clubhouse International is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant by the The Duke Endowment towards its plan to promote awareness, education and support for mental health services by expanding the Clubhouse Model of psychosocial rehabilitation in North Carolina and South Carolina, USA. The project is a pilot project beginning this year in South Carolina for U.S. national expansion. Click here to view the full press release. The award was recently featured in MarketWatch on May 10, 2023; click here to view the article!

For almost 30 years, Clubhouse International has been the champion of the Clubhouse Model for people living with mental illness; this is an approach that puts into practice the active participation of people in their own recovery process. Many people living with a mental health condition still lack access to quality services that respond to their needs and respect their rights and dignity. The Clubhouse Model, a community-based service, addresses many of these challenges by providing resources and opportunities for recovery such as gainful employment, education, wellness, friendships, access to social services and much more. The model is designed to specifically address the social determinants of mental health and general health that can help alleviate the many challenges faced by people living with mental illness.

We are grateful to the Duke Endowment for supporting our efforts and sharing our belief that people living with mental illness should have the opportunity to (re)build their lives as integral members of society. We are committed to bringing the Clubhouse approach to recovery to many new communities in North Carolina and South Carolina, and appreciative of this grant, which will allow us to reach many more people living with mental illness and develop long-lasting community partnerships. Our vision is that one day there is a Clubhouse in every community.” Joel D. Corcoran, Executive Director & CEO, Clubhouse International

The campaign: Using a focused approach – educate, engage and advocate – Clubhouse International will launch an ambitious grassroots project that cultivates support for mental health resources and a better understanding of the significant value Clubhouses can provide.  To do this, Clubhouse International will develop and coordinate a state-based coalition of community leaders, mental health advocates and existing Clubhouse programs that will seek to develop new Clubhouse programs throughout each state. Gateway, a well-established and exemplary example of the Clubhouse Model in Greenville, SC, will be a key partner in this effort.

Several key components will be implemented throughout a three-year timeframe, including: hiring a state project manager; identifying partners and allies; developing statewide networks and coalitions; selecting locations for development; fostering statewide and local education, awareness, engagement, and advocacy; establishing local startup groups; providing new Clubhouse development training; conducting ongoing mentoring; creating long range planning for sustainability and continued growth beyond the grant period.

The impact: The new Clubhouses established as a result of this effort will greatly expand recovery opportunities      for people living with serious mental illness, and will have long lasting benefits for individuals and communities.  Excellent employment services, reduced use of emergency and crisis services, improved quality of life and lower hospitalization rates are some of the typical outcomes of a Clubhouse program.

Criteria for success: Clubhouse members are typically people living with serious mental illness who struggle with being disconnected or unsuccessful at everyday activities that most would consider necessary for a safe and satisfying life. Our primary goal, and measurement of success, is greater opportunity for these individuals to receive the services that they so desperately need. Clubhouses programs will be integral and valued parts of the community mental health service system throughout the state, ultimately becoming as common as local senior centers. Psychiatrists, social workers, mental health case managers and residential programs will regularly refer individuals to Clubhouses. Thousands will benefit from being connected to a local community of people providing understanding, support and opportunities for recovery.


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