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Clubhouse International New Clubhouse Development Training: ‘Unlimited Solutions’ Clubhouse in Maine Proudly Celebrates its Third Birthday!
June 1, 2015

In April 2012, a group of movers and shakers from Bangor, Maine, participated in the Clubhouse International New Clubhouse Development Training that was being held in partnership with Carriage House in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  From there, this small group of committed individuals has hit the road running and today operates a vibrant, busy, Accredited Clubhouse.

Carrie Lemos, Director of Unlimited Solutions, remembers the first time she visited a Clubhouse. She sat at a table with a member who was just returning from a long absence from the Clubhouse; and she watched as members and staff welcomed him back with open arms and genuine concern. Carrie says: “At the end of the day, I did not want to leave. I could not wait to get the opportunity to work in an environment like that one!”

Since participating in the New Clubhouse Development training, Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse has taken advantage of the Clubhouse International training programs, Accreditation process, and networking with other Clubhouses in Maine and around the world.

“The overwhelming theme that keeps running through my head,” said Carrie Lemos, “is that even though we are a small group of people, in a little city in Maine, getting our Clubhouse started has been a huge collaborative effort involving Clubhouse people all over the world.” 
Unlimited Solutions just celebrated its third birthday. Carrie notes: “Three years after opening, we have had over 700 people walk through our doors; over 500 have decided to become members; over 100 have gotten jobs; and over 60 have had educational opportunities to expand their knowledge.” 

Happy Birthday, and congratulations to the Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse community – from “Clubhouse people all over the world”!

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