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Clubhouse International Community Week
October 3, 2020

This multi-day event celebrated the strength and diversity of the Clubhouse community via several events: a mental health-focused film festival and a talent show and dance party, which culminated on World Mental Health Day on October 10. There was also a social media campaign calling on our friends everywhere to ‘Move for Mental Health‘ to promote a greater effort to expand access to mental health care for everyone.

Tuesday, October 6 @ 2 PM EDT


The Au Contraire Film Festival presents “HUM”, followed by Q&A with Kevin.

The film chronicles Kevin Nolan, who began writing music to regain some of the freedom he lost due to his diagnosis at age 19 with schizoaffective disorder. “HUM,” directed by Nathan Fagan, is an intimate and music-fueled tour of Kevin’s world. Join us for the documentary and discussion.

The Au Contraire Film Festival is a Donald Berman UP House advocacy initiative made possible with the generous support of Lundbeck Canada.

Wednesday, October 7 @ 4 – 7 PM EDT

Clubhouse Got Talent!

Clubhouse members from around the world will perform original songs. These talent shows are an amazing display of the incredible talent of Clubhouse members everywhere!

Hosted by Putnam Clubhouse, Concord, CA USA

Friday, October 9 @ 8 PM EDT

Dance Clubhouse Dance!

No group dances better than Clubhouse! Join us to celebrate wrapping up the 2020 Virtual USA Conference with live DJ Brent Rolland of Fig Media.

Time Zone Issues? We’ll rebroadcast Saturday, October 10 @ 3 PM EDT

Hosted by Clubhouse International

Saturday, October 10

World Mental Health Day 

Join us online for a worldwide social media celebration of #MoveforMentalHealth as we partner with the World Federation for Mental Health and United for Global Mental Health in promoting a greater effort to expand access to mental health care for everyone

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