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Change Minds. Move Hearts!
October 1, 2020

#MoveforMentalHealth#WorldMentalHealthDay | Lets Invest | #ClubhouseWorks

For World Mental Health Day 2020 and beyond, we are proud to announce our Change Minds. Move Hearts! initiative to harness the power of the worldwide Clubhouse community and build momentum towards creating opportunities and change for people living with serious mental illness. 

JOIN US! Take one or all of these four actions!

Action #1: Talk About It. When we speak, we can change how we and others think and act, and how we treat one another. Some useful tips:

  • Monitor your own language: become more mindful of how you speak about mental illness. Click here for a list of terms to help us change our language.
  • Start critical conversations with your friends, family, and colleagues to help change how mental illness – and those living with it – are perceived by society. 
  • Follow us on Facebook and other social media. Help share content with your personal networks. The more mental illness comes out of the shadows, the less stigma it will carry.  

Action #2: Promote Employment Parity. We know the incredible power that being a valued, contributing member of a community can have on a person’s recovery. Our goal is to empower our members by helping them rediscover their innate talents and recover their self-confidence through employment.

  • If you’re an employee: encourage your management to adopt policies of inclusion and acceptance for people living with mental illness, and/or their family members. Click here for useful employee resources. 
  • If you’re a hiring manager: establish a culture where mental illness is treated like any other disease. Click here for useful employer resources.
  • Learn more: visit the “How Clubhouses Work” page of this website to see how the Clubhouse employment approach helps people living with mental illness achieve sustainable recovery. Click here to learn about how you and your company can partner with your local Clubhouse to establish a Transitional Employment program. Click here to find a Clubhouse in your area.

Action #3: Advocate for greater investment in mental health. Sign our petition and let your voice be heard: CLICK HERE TO SIGN AND TWEET!

  • Write your legislators and representatives and tell them to keep funding for mental health services, especially programs like Clubhouses, a priority!  
  • Encourage António Guterres, the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations, to keep access to mental health services a priority around the world!
  • Engage your friends and social networks in the cause!  

Action #4: Move for Mental Health. We are partnering with our friends at World Federation for Mental Health and United for Global Mental Health on a unified call to #MoveforMentalHealth.

  • We are challenging the world to call on governments to make a move and provide greater investment in mental health. Investment is needed now more than ever. You can participate by joining the world’s first 24-hour virtual march for mental health on Saturday October 10. Click here to learn more about #MoveforMentalHealth.
  • Run. Walk. Exercise. Whatever you choose, physical health promotes good mental health. So, LET’S MOVE and share/tag on social media!

CELEBRATE World Mental Health Day 2020 – Join us for Clubhouse International Community Week activities, October 5-10. Click here to see the schedule and RSVP!

Let’s build on our momentum to create change for people living with serious mental illness!




The Clubhouse International Call to Action 2020 project was funded by a sponsorship from H. Lundbeck A/S. The sponsor had no influence on the contents of this project.

#MoveforMentalHealth | Lets Invest | #ClubhouseWorks

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