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Board Member

Vincent Guillaumot
Board Member

Vincent holds over 15 years’ experience in the healthcare and private equity sectors. He started his career at Bain & Company as a consultant before joining 3i’s healthcare team. Prior to joining ARCHIMED, Vincent was the Managing Director of JS Bio (now Cerba), a French diagnostics company.

Vincent is a Founding Partner of ARCHIMED, and is President of the EURÊKA Foundation, ARCHIMED’s charitable foundation. Vincent has a long-standing relationship with other ARCHIMED partners, since 2005. He is currently a non-executive Director in the France-headquartered neuro-diagnostic company Micromed, in the Austria-headquartered in vitro diagnostics specialist EuroLyser, in the UK-headquartered occupational health firm Vita Health and in the Italy-headquartered in vitro diagnostics player DIESSE. Vincent also was a non-executive Director of France-headquartered health ingredients firm Natural Origins (formerly Herbs’ International Services – HIS), Italy-headquartered dental company Primo and in the Switzerland-headquartered trauma orthopaedics company Medistream / Citieffe. Vincent leads ARCHIMED’s Healthcare IT Sector. Vincent is a member of ARCHIMED’s Management Committee.

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