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Philip Goelet

Philip Goelet is a scientist, entrepreneur and investor. After completing his PhD in 1982 at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge UK, he worked as a post-doctoral student on learning and memory at Columbia University, NY. In his career, he has co-authored more than 40 publications in the fields of molecular biology, neuroscience and genomics.

Goelet co-founded a number of biotechnology companies including Molecular Tool, Inc., RiboTargets, Plc., Dihedron, Inc., Population Genetic Technologies, Ltd., Arginetix, Inc., ZuvaChem, LLC and AgriMetis, LLC. The majority of these companies were co-founded by Acidophil, an innovation 
company he co-founded with research scientist Sydney Brenner in 2000.

Goelet has invested in a number of venture capital firms through Red Abbey, LLC, since 1997 with his brother Christopher Goelet. In 2003, Red Abbey Venture Partners, a life sciences private equity fund, was co-founded by Goelet, Frank Bonsal and Matt Zuga. Since 2009, Philip continues to invest primarily in the companies founded by Acidophil. 

Dr. Goelet is a member of the Senior Advisory Group for The Johns Hopkins Medicine Alliance for Science and Technology Development.

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