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Board Member

Steven D. Manning
Board Member

Steven D. Manning has been a member of the Clubhouse International Board of Directors for about 6 years. He has been a member of the Carriage House Clubhouse in Fort Wayne, Indiana since 2001. At Carriage House Steven has been able to see major changes in his life since becoming a member in 2003.

He completed a successful Transitional Employment Job. In 2013 he finished his Masters’ degree in Education. And in 2013 Steven started full time as President and CEO of a company that he founded called Manning Video Productions, LLC. He also serves on two other boards: The League for the Blind and Disabled and Windsong Pictures. Steven is also a stage and film actor, with 3 motion pictures to his credit. Production of a fourth film is set for the Summer of 2018.

He enjoys traveling, reading, golfing and gardening.

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