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Anette Hoegh Goelet
Board Member, Treasurer

Anette was brought up in Norway. She studied Economic History and Political Science at Cambridge University in England, and Columbia University in New York City. She is a yoga therapist, certified by the International Association for Yoga Therapists, with her own practice in Reisterstown, Maryland.

Since 1988, Anette has been a philanthropist, serving on numerous boards devoting her time to education and mental health.

Anette served on the Board of Fountain House from 1988-2008, and served as the Chairman of the Fountain House board from 1996-99. She has been on the board of Clubhouse International since its inception, and served as Chairman of the Clubhouse International board from 2000-2005. She also was a founding board member of B'More Clubhouse in Baltimore Maryland.

Anette lives in Maryland. She is married with 3 grown-up children.

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