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2022 Honorary Pardes Humanitarian Prize in Mental Health
October 14, 2022

Clubhouse International is deeply honored to receive the Honorary 2022 Pardes Humanitarian Prize in Mental Health awarded by The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. The Pardes Prize recognizes the Clubhouse Model of psychosocial rehabilitation as a rights-based approach to recovery that expands access to care for people living with mental illness around the world.

The Pardes Humanitarian Prize in Mental Health is awarded annually to recognize individuals and organizations whose contributions have made a profound and lasting impact in advancing the understanding of mental health and improving the lives of people who are living with mental illness. It focuses public attention on the burden mental illness places on individuals and society and the urgent need to expand mental health services globally. Established in 2014, the Pardes Prize is named in honor of Herbert Pardes, M.D., the internationally renowned psychiatrist, outspoken advocate for people living with mental illness, and the award’s first recipient.

Clubhouse International is honored to join StrongMinds, a social enterprise founded by Sean Mayberry that provides life-changing mental health services to women and adolescents in low-income communities in sub-Saharan Africa, as a recipient of the 2022 Honorary Pardes Prize, and Dr. Altha J. Stewart and Professor Robert van Voren, on being named recipients of the 2022 Pardes Humanitarian Prize in Mental Health.

These talented and accomplished leaders are striving to expand the reach of mental illness treatment here in the U.S. and around the globe. They serve as extraordinary advocates for mental health and inspire us all to use our knowledge toward the greater good for all humanity,” said Jeffrey Borenstein, M.D., President & CEO of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

For more than 25 years Clubhouse International has pioneered the recovery concept for people living with mental illness and put into practice the active participation of people themselves in their recovery process. Many people living with a mental health condition still lack access to quality services that respond to their needs and respect their rights and dignity. The Clubhouse Model, a community-based service, addresses many of these challenges by providing resources and opportunities of recovery such as gainful employment, education, wellness, socialization and so much more.

We are committed to continue to lead in the effort to provide accessible recovery opportunities to anyone with lived experience of a mental illness. The Clubhouse Model is a person-centered, evidence-based approach that works well in hundreds of places around the world. Clubhouses provide linkages with education, employment and social protection sectors, ensuring that people with mental health conditions are included as valued citizens in the community and are able to lead purposeful and satisfying lives. Our vision is that one day there is a Clubhouse in every community.” Joel D. Corcoran, Executive Director & CEO, Clubhouse International

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