Mission and History

Visiting Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse, Georgia USA

Clubhouse International helps start and grow Clubhouses globally, where people with mental illness can go to get their lives back.

Our vision is that there will one day be Clubhouses in the cities and towns of every country in the world. We hope that all people with mental illness will have access to the support of a Clubhouse, which can provide them with the encouragement and assistance they need to lead successful lives, and be fully engaged in society.



Clubhouse International is a rapidly-growing organization, helping Accredited Clubhouses worldwide help one another


The Clubhouse model is included in SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs & Practices


The International Standards for Clubhouse Programs are created as the basis for Clubhouse Accreditation


National Clubhouse Expansion Project begins


The first Clubhouse, Fountain House, opens in New York


Clubhouse International and Fountain House are awarded the Hilton Humanitarian Prize


Clubhouse International is established to serve as a global resource for the international Clubhouse community


The Faculty for Clubhouse Development is established to train and mentor new and existing Clubhouses


Fountain House establishes a national training program for the Clubhouse Model