Our Donors

Clubhouse International relies on the generosity of hundreds of individuals, corporations and foundations to bring our mission to reality. We receive no government or international NGO funding for our organization, which is worldwide in scope. Our special thanks to those who support us and make our work possible. The following reflects donations received in calendar year 2017.

"We are very proud to be associated with this amazingly effective organization, that has enough integrity and powerful good will to actually change the world.” -- Donor

I’m continuously humbled by the generosity of people from around the world who support Clubhouse International year in and year out. We could not do what we do without them. These gifts are an investment in creating a better world for us all, but most importantly for those living with serious mental illness.” -- Joel D. Corcoran, Executive Director

Cigna Foundation
Mark Lanier & Lanier Family Fund
van Ameringen Foundation, Inc.

$50,000 - $74,999
Francis Goelet Charitable Lead Trusts

$25,000 - $49,999
H. van Ameringen Foundation
Theodore Cross Family Charitable Foundation

Anette Høegh Goelet & Philip Goelet

$10,000 - $24,999
Isora Foundation
Johnson & Johnson/Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
The Freed Foundation
The Woods Foundation
Tom & Carolyn Hamilton Family Foundation

Beatrice Bergamasco
Martin Dives
Suzanne C. Hoyt
Alessandro & Anna Leipold
Thomas D. Manning
Whitney D. & Jeanne Pidot
Nicholas Ratut

$5,000 - $9,999
Arnold & Associates Ltd.
Finn Family Foundation
Santa Maria Foundation

Norma J. Arnold
Tore Rynning-Nielson
Jennifer Tedesco

$1,000 - $4,999
Clubhouse Indiana
Elinor Beidler Siklossy Foundation
Gordon Family Charitable Foundation
Helen L. Kay Charitable Trust
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.
The Richard & Madeleine Lenski Charitable Fund

Hugh Berry
Robert Boorstin
Joel D. Corcoran
Karen Kincaid Dunn & Kenny Dunn
Andrew & Amy Florio
Judith Glickman
Cindy Fissel & Mark Glickman
Deborah Gorin
Anne de La Haye Jousselin
Erin Tedesco & Aaron Hoffman
William Madaus
Peter Sanborn
Julia Scott
James Spencley
Pier Stiny
John & Mary Taddiken
Jackson Toby
A. Baker Woolworth, Jr.


In Memory of Judith R. Gartner
  Rachel Gartner
  Laurence Rubinow

In Memory of Rebecca Lynch
  Norma J. Arnold
  Mark Bethell & Independence Center family
  Linda Brotman
  Fred Carpenter
  Camilla & Ted Chiappari
  Clubhouse Indiana
  Walt Cunningham
  Kara Daumueller-Morrell
  Donna D’Abramo
  Lori D’Angelo
  Lotta Susanna Eriksson
  Paula Feher
  Richard & Harriet Fein
  Rachel Forman
  Sue Grant
  Susanne Claudia Heubel
  Mike Keller
  Lee Kellogg
  Donald & Joann Lynch
  Kathleen Rhoads Merriam
  Anna Minksy
  Joanne Theresa Noonan
  Ruth Osterman
  David Plotka
  Nicholas Ratut
  Tamar Resnick
  Joanne Sackett & family
  Augusta Sterne
  Prema & Sushanth David
  Therese Sibon
  James Wineinger

In Memory of Gail Toby
  Jackson Toby


Under $1,000
Jacob & Mollie Fishman Foundation
Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse/
Penobscot Community Health Care

Jeffrey Aron
Summer Berman
Terry Bevels
Ralph Bilby
Nader & Sarah Boulos
Jason Bowman
Jay R. Brickman
Linda Brotman
John J. Calaman
Shaun M. Cannon
Fred & Marian Carpenter
Maureen Case
Camilla & Ted Chiappari
Jeanne F. Christensen
Candace Corcoran
Walter Cunningham
Donna D’Abramo
Lori D’Angelo
Kara Daumueller-Morrell
Prema & Sushanth David
Alexander Douglas
Rick & Cindy Emtman Lotta
Susanna Eriksson
Paula Feher
Richard & Harriet Fein
James Fisher
Megan & Tim Florio
Boaz Avital & Rachel Forman
Merle Brandzel & Jeffrey Geller
Lorna Hyde Graev
Susan Grant
Tiina Hameenanttila
Larry Henrickson, Jr.
Susanne Claudia Heubel
Jennifer Higginbotham
Elaine M. Hill
Kathleen Hilton
John A. Howell
Iris Reiko Koga Ijima
Tricia Justin
Hanne Juul
Nathan Kalichman, M.D.
Mike Keller
Lee Kellogg
G. David Lehmann
Rachel Gartner Lennie
Christine Limone
Donald & Joann Lynch
Jessica Mccaully
Mary Loux McDonnell
Colleen E. McKay
Kathleen R. Rhoads Merriam
Anna Minsky
Jay Mitchell
Laurie Moses
Joanne Theresa Noonan
Paolo Orlando
Liz Orvis
Justin Pearson
David Plotka
Christine Ann Proctor
Laurin Raiken
Rajmohan Rajaraman
Steve Rathmanner
Tamar Resnick
Tat Ming Lee & James R. Ritterling
Joel Minksy & Ellen Rockmuller
Laurence Rubinow
Anna & Kamal Rountree
Joanne Sackett
Herma Schmitz
Andrew Schonebaum
Ray Schwartz
Lucy Scott
Margaret Shelby
Therese Sibon
Gary and Lynnie Siegal
Dr. Barbara A. Snowadzky
Emily Soell
Margie & Mike Staker
Augusta Sterne
Marc Tedesco
Jasminka Veljovic
James Watson
Clint Whitakeer
James Wineinger
Susan Valk Woolworth
Christopher Yates
Jack & Jenece Yatsko


In Honor of Lotta and Eekko
  Tiina Hameenanttila

In Honor of Amy Hubert
  James Spencley

In Honor of Mark Rush
  Jason Krady

In Honor of Jack and Jenece Yatsko
  Rick & Cindy Emtman

Our apologies for any errors or omissions. Please contact us at 212.582.0343 for any corrections that may be needed.

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